What are the 5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer in Dubai Price & Cost

Breast cancer is still a major health problem for women all over the world. An important factor in the success of treatment outcomes is early identification. The importance of routine breast cancer screening for early diagnosis and improved survival prospects will be emphasized in this post as we go over the five breast cancer warning signs. Read on to learn more about What are the 5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Signs and Symptoms:

1. A Fresh Lump or Thickening

One of the most prevalent warning symptoms of breast cancer is a new lump or thickening in the breast or underarm region. Regularly check your breasts for changes and seek medical advice if you see anything out of the ordinary.

2. Modifications in Breast Size or Form:

Breast cancer can be detected by significant changes in breast size or shape, such as swelling, dimpling, or asymmetry. Keep an eye out for any inexplicable changes in your breasts, and consult a doctor right away.

3. Nipple Alterations:

Any nipple alterations, such as nipple inversion, abrupt discharge (other than breast milk), redness, or scaling of the nipple or surrounding area, should be taken seriously. An examination by a healthcare professional may maybe warranted given these changes.

4. Skin Irregularities

Any skin irregularities on the breast, such as redness, warmth, rash, or an orange-peel texture (similar to orange skin), should be cause for concern. Such changes need to be evaluated because they might be signs of breast cancer.

5. Constant aches or swelling

Although breast cancer rarely causes pain, it is important to seek medical attention for any persistent breast pain or swelling that doesn’t go away on its own. The difference between cyclical breast pain and chronic pain that lasts longer than your monthly cycle must be made.

Early Screening: 

Early identification of breast cancer depends on routine screening. The following are essential screening techniques:

Breast Exams:

The gold standard for breast cancer screening in Dubai is mammography. Women who are more than 40 and old can have it. Before they are felt or visible, you can find breast problems with routine mammography.

Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE)

A medical practitioner checks your breasts during a CBE. He will see if there are any anomalies, lumps, or alterations. Regular self-examinations and mammography enhances by this examination.


Perform routine self-examination and get to know about any change in your body. It can be crucial for early detection even though it cannot be used to make a diagnosis.

Advantages of Early Detection: 


1. Early Detection: 

The ability to identify cancer in its earliest stages is the main benefit. Early detection enhances the effectiveness of treatment and raises the likelihood of a full recovery.

2. Increased Survival Rates:

Regular screening has been linked to higher survival rates, which is good news. Early detection of breast cancer enables timely intervention and proper therapy, improving results and long-term survival.

3. Potential for Less Aggressive Treatment: 

Less aggressive treatment options could be available if breast cancer is discovered early through screening. Smaller operations, tailored treatments, and a decreased requirement for intense chemotherapy or radiation therapy are a few examples of this.

4. Peace of Mind and Reduced Anxiety: 

By regularly screening for breast cancer, people can feel at ease knowing that they are actively keeping track of their breast health. This can ease their anxiety and give them confidence in their general well-being.

5. Customized Treatment Strategies: 

Early detection through screening enables medical practitioners to create specialized treatment strategies for every patient. This specialized strategy takes into consideration the unique traits of the tumour, leading to more accurate and successful therapies.

Book Your Consultation:

Every woman needs to be aware of the breast cancer warning signals. The likelihood of finding it at an early stage, when therapy is most successful, increases dramatically with routine screening, including mammograms, clinical breast exams, and self-examinations. 

Consult a healthcare professional at Enfield Royal Gynecologists Clinic Dubai right away if you see any of the warning indications listed. Prioritize breast cancer screening in Dubai and arm yourself with the knowledge to safeguard your breast health because early diagnosis saves lives.