VISIA Your Personalized Path to Flawless Skin In Dubai Price & Cost

The increasing pollution and hectic daily routines can take a toll on your appearance, making you look tired and older than your true age. Individuals are constantly seeking a way that precisely identifies their facial deficiencies and provides insights into what to anticipate in the future. Enter the solution: VISIA: Your Personalized Path to Flawless Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi catering to those seeking a swift assessment and personalized recommendations. Join us as we guide you through the advanced technology of VISIA Skin Analysis In Dubai, discovering its workings and the potential benefits it can offer.

What Is This Therapy?

It is a computerized analysis, designed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your skin comprehensively. The scanner measures various parameters, including but not limited to wrinkles, sunburn, fine lines, enlarged pores, and uneven tones. This in-depth study aims to provide a detailed understanding of the current conditions your body is undergoing. By precisely identifying the problematic areas, the analysis serves as a valuable tool for developing a personalized treatment plan. The benefits of such a detailed assessment are numerous. It goes beyond a surface-level understanding and delves into specific problem areas, enabling healthcare professionals to recommend interventions that are most relevant to your needs. 

What Is The Procedure?

Here are the steps you will undergo:

  • First and the most essential step is consultation, where an in-depth discussion takes place regarding your concerns and goals. This interactive exchange is essential for establishing a rapport and fostering open communication between the patient and the skincare professional. 
  • On the scheduled day, you will be advised to not wear any makeup. We will generally cleanse the face thoroughly to ensure the images are clear and accurate. 
  • After that, an advanced VISIA imaging device is used to capture HD-quality images, the system focuses on the different aspects and angles for a clear understanding and a comprehensive overview.  
  • The software itself assesses the captured images and observes various issues such as UV damage, pores, pigmentation, acne scars, etc. 
  • The results are then compared with the standard data of the same skin type and age category, it is done to assess how much the patient’s skin deviates from the typical characteristics observed in a general context.
  • This detailed comparison is then presented in the form of a report, the skincare professionals then discuss the issues with the patient and recommend treatments based on the analysis.    
  • Based on the findings of the assessment, personalized treatment plans are developed to maximize results and achieve skin that is revitalized and refreshed.
  • Depending on the severity of each case, subsequent appointments might be arranged to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments as needed.


Here are the remarkable advantages for you: 

  • Utilizing its capacity to analyze an extensive range of data, this device characterizes skin based on types, conditions, and characteristics, establishing a reference point for comparison with others. 
  • It gauges how well a patient’s condition aligns with the norms or characteristics of individuals of the same age and epidermal profile. 
  • The high-resolution images captured by this computer device are instrumental in revealing potential issues that may arise in the next 5-7 years. Machine learning algorithms are employed to identify trends and patterns in the data.
  • This technology is valuable in assessing whether the apparent age corresponds to the chronological age. It enables the recommendation of necessary treatments to help individuals achieve a more youthful impression. 
  • The system facilitates ongoing tracking of treatment effectiveness, allowing adjustments as needed.
  •  Additionally, it serves as an educational tool by visually illustrating specific conditions to patients, encouraging active engagement in grooming routines. 
  • Furthermore, it plays a role in determining UV damage, promoting awareness, and encouraging preventive measures against sun exposure.

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