Understanding Vaginoplasty Surgery A Comprehensive Guide in Dubai

Contemporary human beings are day by day incorporating neoteric technology while introducing various types of treatments and surgeries. Taking obstetrics and gynecologist into account it can be observed how they influenced the treatments and their procedures when it comes to it, Vaginoplasty In Dubai is one of its examples. It is slightly crucial to have a know-how of Understanding Vaginoplasty Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Aside from the aspect of considering this surgical procedure merely for the purpose of beautification, it is also helpful in terms of medical treatment. However, in one way or another the general, basic, and most of the time purpose of human research, innovative technology, and its realistic application in lives is to bring ease, comfort, and facilitate while being accessible and in range of every individual. So, human individuals should proceed with any treatment without getting worried and feared, if it is needed according to their physical and health stance.    


Despite the fact that the process and protocols of treatment are commenced according to the goals, needs, and health conditions of the individual. The treatment proceeds with multiple surgical options. Which include levatorplasty, anterior and posterior, excision of scars after birth perineotomy, and reconstructive surgery on the cervix. Anterior and posterior are utilized to treat patients who are bearing the consequences of urine incontinence. Patients who have weak muscles on the pelvic floor are recommended to be treated by the levatorplasty surgical procedure. On the other hand, the health hazards which are generated in and around the cervix are treated with the surgical procedure of reconstructive surgery on the cervix.

Aim Of Treatment:

Though depending on the stance and reason for which the surgical procedure has been applied to treat the individual defines its ultimate aim. However, individuals who aim to treat their sensitivity issues observed during sex can consult for the treatment. Aside from that the patients who suffer from the incontinence of gas or urine are also suggested to get themselves properly treated. The individuals who have gone through and experienced the aftermath of childbirth, need to preferable aim for the treatment in order to fix or reshape their physical appearance. To be precise, the aim of the patient is to be able to gain or restore the size or shape of the physical organs which have been damaged due to any reason.      


The procedure is completed within an hour, because of being simple, precise, and despite being customized according to the wishes of the patient.

  • The procedure is attempted in three steps.
  • The threads are removed from the area with the help of fillers composed of hyaluronic acid.
  • The perineum muscles are joined.
  • The mucosa is placed off the upper joints.  


There are a lot of benefits that are attained from Vaginoplasty In Dubai, a few of them are mentioned below.

  • The surgical procedure helps the individual in the vagina function while treating the factor of incontinence of urine etc, and the surgery would not in any way affect it.
  • The procedure of anterior and posterior is utilized in doing so which not just narrows down the opening portion of the vagina, but also helps in strengthening the muscles present around it.
  • It also helps the person in attaining and maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the vagina.
  • Furthermore, the extra amount of skin also shrieking down the size of the vagina got removed in this portion.
  • In fact, if any by birth physical defects faced by the individual can also be recovered.
  • The surgery would be beneficial in the removal of tissues that are excessive along with the structure which is abnormal.
  • The surgical process will also support the removal of disease or any other defective part present around its structure.
  • It will help the person in stopping the pooling of blood while going through menstruation.
  • With the help of levatorplasty vagina and anus are moved back toward their normal position.

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