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Human individuals have been involved in following the course of actions that have been utilized for the sake of beautification, ear piercing is one of them. Setting aside this fact during the contemporary era there is a lot of ongoing research which is trying to study the influence of ear piercing on human health. In the meantime, still, The Pros And Cons Of Ear Piercing In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, which manipulate the will of the human individual in order to get the procedure done. However, in order to maintain the standards of proficiency it is made sure that only authorized health organizations are allowed to proceed with the procedure of piercing. 

What Is Ear Piercing?

With the advancement of contemporary knowledge and technology, ear piercing has merely been accomplished with the help of a needle gun or needle. This phenomenon is applied to have a hole in any specific portion of the ear. Although this treatment has been taken as to hang an earring modern-day research is trying its best to extract its effects on the psyche and health stance of the patient. Furthermore, it is also made sure that the individual who is carrying an earring is safe from any kind of allergies or other related health hazards. The intensity of the procedure merely depends upon the part of the skin that needs to be pierced.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Getting An Ear Piercing?

With the help of up-to-date knowledge and ongoing research on Ear Piercing In Dubai, patients are expectedly to encounter certain pros and cons, a few of which are mentioned below.

Pros of getting the ear piercing:

  • With the help of getting the piercing within the rook, the patient will be able to relieve the pain suffered during the menstrual circle and cycle. 
  • It is also beneficial for individuals who face health hazards related to the functions of lower body portions like the cavum pelvis uterus etc.
  • Aside from this the piercing done within the helix is recommended for patients who are suffering from insomnia.
  • Along with that though it has not been officially followed treatment, it is assumed that having a piercing in the helix is beneficial for the treatment of allergies.
  • The patients owning an ear piercing in the conch are expected to be able to get rid of chronic pain along with lowering and almost eliminating the effects of stress.
  •  By having a piercing in the daith area of the ear the patient is expected to treat the intensity of migraine attacks.
  • Despite the medical pros enjoyed and encountered by the individual, the patient will be able to enhance their overall look by wearing aesthetically pleasing earrings. 

Cons of having the Ear Piercing:

As it is a universal law, that anything which owns pros and cons as well, the cons of having an ear piercing are mentioned below.

  • The individual might be able to encounter a rashness on the pierced portion of the ear, which might further generate a skin infection.
  • The individuals need to be well aware of their skin before commencing on having the earrings because sometimes the material used in them might get infectious.
  • Furthermore, the individual needs to make sure that the earrings are brand new, or else they will generate harmful effects as well.
  • The patient might encounter the growth of scar tissue.
  • If there is any side effect after getting the ear piercing the patient needs to give it time to be healed back and follow the instructions of the specialist.

What To Expect During The Procedure?

Despite the fact that the intensity of the procedure merely depends upon the location of the ear which is to be pierced, still, the pattern for the course of action is briefly mentioned below.

  • Before embarking on with the treatment it is made sure that the patient is capable of bearing the expected and unexpected outcome.
  • The procedure is started by the piercer rechecking the surface of the skin which is to be pierced.
  • Further, an antibacterial solution or material is applied.
  • Shortly after that, the skin will be pierced with the help of a needle or any other minimalistic apparatus.
  • Later, the skin will be pierced while shooting the supplement in the hoop, with the help of a stud.
  • Up next a needle is used along with the help of a hoop while making a hole of a minimalistic size within the skin.
  • The procedure is completed when the precautionary measures are provided to the patient along with cleaning and if needed providing a bandaid to the pierced part of the skin.   

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