Soft Light Laser in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah Cost & Price

The normal development of hair on the chin, upper lips, and cheeks is known as facial hair. Both males and females experience it. Males tend to grow facial hair at a rate that is significantly higher than females. While some people may like to keep their facial hair, others might prefer to remove it. Some hair removal techniques, such as shaving, threading, waxing, plucking, and others, are just temporary, as hair will begin to grow back within a few days or, at most, a week. However, there are also certain methods, such as a laser treatment, that permanently remove the hair. The standard laser procedure is used to remove dense hair. However Soft Light Laser in Abu Dhabi. Special lasers are utilized in this procedure to target fine facial hair because light hair typically does not respond well to lasers.

Hair Removal Using Soft Light:

  • The treatment area is covered with Soft Light Activating Lotions, a light-absorbing lotion.
  • The lotion absorbs the laser light, rendering the hair follicle inoperable.
  • For both safety and efficacy, Soft Light has undergone extensive testing.

For long-lasting results, soft Light treatments work with hair growth cycles. Since hair grows in cycles, more treatments are required to address any additional growth. For best results, multiple soft Light sessions enable the laser to penetrate more hair follicles during the active growth phase.

How does it Function?

By directing a beam of intensely concentrated light at the hair follicles, laser hair removal works. The light is absorbed by the pigments in the follicle, which causes the follicle to degrade and prevents the hair from growing back.

A new Benchmark for Attaining and Maintaining Beautiful Skin:

Lasers currently play a key role in a wide range of medical and cosmetic uses because they deliver excellent outcomes with a much-decreased risk of complication. And soft Light is a pioneer in using laser light’s healing potential for a variety of cosmetic skin procedures. soft Light is perfectly suited to treating skin without harming sensitive tissues because it is more focused and selective than other therapy modalities. Additionally, soft Light offers higher standards of comfort, practicality, and efficiency.

All skin tones can safely and effectively use. The only method of hair removal that targets hair follicles rather than skin pigment is soft Light. Because of this, those with extremely fair or extremely dark complexion can use it with assurance. There is virtually minimal chance of negative effects with soft Light alone. Other laser and flashlamp techniques utilize more energy and run the danger of altering skin pigmentation, leaving scars, and having other negative side effects.

For improved performance, only soft Light uses a lotion that is applied to the skin. The unique procedure is the most tested technology available after tens of thousands of treatments.

Using the Soft Light Laser Peel for exfoliation:

  • Eliminates surface stains
  • Skin softening
  • Evens skin tone and coloring
  • Reduces the visibility of pores
  • Improves complexion
  • Clears the skin.

As a follow-up to the Laser Peel, discuss various skin care regimens with your soft Light Skincare Specialist. He or she will assist you in choosing the skincare routine that is best for you.

The Ultimate Convenience is the Laser Peel:

Following your treatment, you can immediately resume your regular activities. And for even larger advantages, you can create a multi-treatment program. The soft Light Laser Peel is the first non-invasive facial peel treatment that is intense and results-driven. And it is clear why.

Is the Procedure Safe?

Yes, Soft Light Laser in Abu Dhabi is a safe technique when performed by a dermatologist or another qualified, experienced specialist. The skin expert initially evaluates the skin before recommending the best types of lasers for the skin. It is crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of the skin because some laser treatments can irritate the skin. The skin of the face can be highly delicate and reactive, especially when it comes to facial hair.

The Most Effective Laser Therapy in Dubai:

Enfield Royal Laser Clinic is the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking the best Soft Light Laser in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. The treatment is performed by our skilled and knowledgeable professional, who also answers all of your questions and concerns. To reduce side effects and provide the best results possible, a thorough skin diagnosis is done. Fill out the form to schedule a free introductory consultation right away.