Best Pimples Treatment for the Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Royal

Are you constantly embarrassed by others and covering your face with hair in the hope of hiding skin imperfections? With timely diagnosis and treatment of acne, your face can be clear and radiant again. If you want to smile again at your reflection in the mirror, and not look away in embarrassment. At all times, beautiful smooth skin testified to human health. What is acne, many people know firsthand. Some have them rarely, while others have them all the time. The struggle with them on their own does not always end in victory. Pimples Treatment for the Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Enfield Royal Clinic can help you get rid of the problem.

Pimples Treatment for the Face:

If inflamed rosacea appears on your face, and you feel a strong tingling, then you should Acne and rosacea treatments seek the advice of our trusted specialists! Since even simple acne can turn into a more unpleasant disease rosacea. Doctors will be able to give all the important information in the fight against pathology and carry out safety procedures in the shortest possible time. Thanks to timely diagnosis and treatment, your face will become clean and radiant again.

For a long time, there was no most effective and rapid treatment for the disease. As a rule, an integrated approach is always used. It involves the work of several specialists at once: a dermatologist, a nutritionist, and a surgeon. Pimples Treatment for the Face in Dubai & Abu Dhabi takes place in several stages:

  • Prevent the formation of comedones
  • Clear clogged ducts
  • Stop the growth of bacteria
  • Reduce sebum secretion
  • Cure inflammation on the skin.

Treatment Methods:

The Enfield Royal Clinic will help you choose the right procedure to get rid of unpleasant acne. We have modern laser and light equipment in our arsenal that can make your skin radiant in just a few sessions.

Laser Peeling:

The light energy of the laser is converted into heat, causing a controlled burn of the upper layers of the skin. A thin layer of damaged skin is removed from the surface. The depth of peeling is completely controlled by the doctor, depending on, for example, chemical peeling. Laser peeling of the face is most often carried out using the carbon or erbium method.

In the clinic, we use a laser, which is able to remove cells of the stratum corneum with an accuracy of 4 microns that’s one cell! The laser is so precise that the risk of scarring or other complications such as infection is minimized.

Photo Thermolysis:

During the procedure, the doctor acts on the skin with a laser not with a continuous spot, but with a kind of grid of rays. As a result of exposure, microscopic thermal damage to tissues is formed. Cells divide, and the mechanism of natural tissue repair starts with the formation of new collagen. The radiation does not penetrate deeper than 1.5 mm, and the thermal energy is dissipated in the upper layers of the skin. This prevents overheating and burns.


It improves blood circulation in the areas of mesotherapy, increases elasticity, and allows you to get rid of skin imperfections like acne, enlarged pores, and rosacea.


For the treatment of acne, it is better to use a superficial one it removes the upper dead skin cells. Cleanses treats acne and removes wrinkles, blackheads, and age spots. Peeling remains an actual procedure due to its ease of execution and obvious benefits. The cosmetologist removes the surface layer of the skin, thereby stimulating the production of elastin and collagen.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

The speed of getting rid of acne directly depends on how quickly you begin to take a comprehensive approach to treatment. Discipline in diet and daily hygiene is very important, as well as strict adherence to the recommendations of a dermatologist on the use of drugs and skin care cosmetics.

It is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of how long acne is treated. Even if pimples appear quickly and suddenly, it takes time for the skin to start responding to treatment. If everything is done correctly, positive dynamics can be noticeable in a month. Mild acne, as a rule, does not require medical treatment and in most cases, it is possible to get rid of the disease in 6-12 weeks.

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