Penoplasty Enlargement And Lengthening Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Everyone love to see perfection whether it is in natural creation or in handmade products. The same is the case for human features. No matter whether men or female both want to see themselves as perfect as they can be. Women tend to enhance different facial features, body shapes, and intimate appearances as well. Men usually try to enhance their intimate organs. One thing that is needed to be clear is that enlargement of the penile is demanded by most men not for the reason of enhancement in sexual activities but for the purpose of satisfying themselves. For this purpose, the cosmetic procedure for the penile is Penoplasty: Enlargement And Lengthening Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.


A short and very straightforward surgical procedure may now be used to expand the length and circumference of the penis, either separately or together. Depending on the outcome the patient wants, the surgeon may combine several treatments under the umbrella term “Penoplasty,” such as extending the penile, enhancing its girth, or both.


  • By extending the length, girth, or both, penoplasty can enlarge the shaft. 
  • An incision will be performed above the shaft’s base to lengthen it. By doing this, we may loosen the ligament holding the penile shaft in place, allowing it to be moved forward and lengthened externally by typically 1-2 inches. 
  • Men who have noticeable pubic fat pads will grow longer. 
  • An injection along the shaft is used to reintroduce the fat after a little quantity of liposuction is performed on the thigh or stomach to harvest fat. 
  • An increase in circumference of 1 to 2 inches is typical. 
  • The recuperation period is shortened with fat injection surgery since it does not leave scars from incisions. 
  • Additionally, the patient’s look will improve because of the advantages of abdomen liposuction.


As it is a surgical procedure it needs to have some aftercare in order to maintain the results you got as well as for fast recovery. The following are some key aspects needed to be kept in mind while continuing the regular activities:

  • Avoid having extensive exercises till the surgery is fully recovered.
  • Do not consume alcohol as it can lead to slow recovery or may be risky.
  • Keep penile in position and try to keep it dry
  • Avoid having sex until the area gets fully recovered.
  • Clean the area daily or after every urination to avoid inflammation and germs


Its main and basic benefits include:

  • Local care is essential and straightforward.
  • After the procedure, the surgical sutures are removed 15 days later.
  • Enhance confidence in you and your partner
  • Clinical effects might include edema, hematomas, and even transient deformity.
  • After a week of relaxation, it is advised to resume activities.
  • After 30 days of abstinence, it is possible to resume sexual activity.

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