Liquid FaceLift Procedure, Cost, Risks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Though aging is a sign of wisdom. It is also a downfall of your beauty kingdom. As the aging process progresses, the skin starts to weaken. There is a lot going on inside the depth of the facial skin. The skin gets tired from years of hard work. Or maybe your skin is stressed out. And activated premature aging. Whether you are in your late 30s or early 60s. If you are someone who is not happy about the texture or sagging of your facial skin. Liquid FaceLift in Dubai is a brilliant treatment for you. Learn more about Liquid FaceLift: Procedure, Cost and Risks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. And prolong the youthfulness to the days of your life. 

What Is A Liquid Facelift?

A Liquid Facelift is a nonsurgical facial lift. You are not going under the knife. And still enjoying the lifted effects of the treatment. The aim of the treatment is to restore the lost volume inside the facial skin layers. A Liquid Facelift is a series of dermal fillers. Their job is to promote the production of collagen. Which will help to make your skin appear healthy, brighter, and younger looking.

What Is The Procedure For A Liquid Facelift?

This is what happens during a Liquid FaceLift Procedure;

  • Firstly, you will need to fill out a medical form. This is highly important because this allows the practitioner to study you carefully. 
  • When you are sitting in your session, the expert will discuss with you the whole procedure. You are allowed to talk your heart out to your Dermatologist. Tell them what you want on your face. And they will make sure to get it done. All thanks to their expertise.
  • Then comes the practical approach. The expert will examine your face. And mark a few drawings as a guideline. This is where the injections are going to be injected.
  • The second important thing is the expert’s technique. Only a professional can give you the perfection your face requires. One injection is injected at a time.
  • This is a slow and gradual building-up of the treatment. This is important because this action prevents the risk of bruising. And allows a pain-free experience for the patient. 
  • The injections are inserted periodically. And multiple dosages are inserted to lift the temples and cheeks. As well as tightening the chin and jawlines of your face. 


Liquid FaceLift Procedure, Cost and Risks in Dubai Best Liquid FaceLift Procedure, Cost and Risks in Dubai Best Liquid FaceLift Procedure, Cost and Risks Clinic in Dubai

What Are The Benefits Of A Liquid Facelift?

There are multiple benefits of a Liquid FaceLift treatment. Below are some of the popular ones among our happy patients;

  • It reconstructs your entire face. The main goal is to lift and tighten the saggy skin. The end result of the treatment is to give you an upgrade of your entire facial profile.
  • You will notice a reduction in your fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to pause the aging process.
  • There is an improvement in your post-acne scars. Even the most superficial scars seem to have faded away.
  • It restores the collagen inside the dermis of your skin. It is the deep depth of the skin layer—an area where the problems begin to start. So help can be sent before even getting the problem started.
  • With the dermis back to multi-tasking. You will observe fullness and volume restored back into your skin. Hence, an improved texture and firmness in the skin quality.
  • You will appear to be looking fresh and younger. Even your eyebrows look lifted. The whole treatment is a versatile facial correction procedure. 

What Is The Cost Of A Liquid FaceLift Treatment?

Patients have different skin concerns. And different skin types. Hence, different amount of dosage is injected into each patient. The cost of the treatment may also vary depending on the number of sessions you opt for. But the average cost of Liquid FaceLift in Dubai ranges between AED 600 to AED 2000. 

What Are The Possible Risks Of A Liquid FaceLift?

Liquid FaceLifts is a safe treatment. But in a few rare cases, mild side effects from the treatment have taken place. Some patients reported bruising, swelling, and itching in the areas where the injections were injected. Some patients have even reported serious infections. Remember, the Injectables procedure should only be performed by a certified practitioner. Only then are you in a risk-free situation? Because he/she will make sure no harm is drawn your way.

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