Is Lipolysis better than Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Are you severely overweight and having trouble losing weight Is Lipolysis better than Liposuction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? If you’re considering having surgery to lose weight, talk to your doctor first. While most individuals think of liposuction when considering surgical weight loss, laser lipolysis may be a more effective surgery.

By using a minimally invasive approach to remove adipocytes and tighten the skin, laser lipolysis, also known as laser lipo, is a therapy for reducing an accumulation of fat tissue. It is a kind of liposuction that uses a laser to transmit transcutaneous light that breaks down fat and tones the skin at the same time.

Standard Liposuction:

Traditional liposuction is a plastic surgical technique used to remove fat deposits from under the skin by sucking them out. Large incisions, an overnight stay in the hospital, and general anesthesia are all part of the invasive surgery known as liposuction. The device is used to scrape fat deposits under the skin and then suck the fat out of the body using a suction tool called a cannula.

Liposuction carries health concerns, including those associated with the anesthetic itself. Infection, nerve and organ damage, excessive fluid buildup, and deep vein thrombosis are further risks. Liposuction side effects can also include cosmetic defects such as rippling, bruises, asymmetries, and uneven shapes.

Recovery Time:

Traditional liposuction entails a large amount of recovery time. Typically, a few days in the hospital are necessary, followed by a week of recovery. Patients are required to put on a compression garment for at least six weeks. Patients describe weeks-long discomfort, bruising, and swelling. Three months to a full year may pass before the effects of the liposuction procedure are fully apparent.

The Procedure for Laser Lipolysis:

In-office laser lipolysis is a possibility. You can get back to your regular activities after around 30 minutes. There is no use of anesthetic. Your doctor uses paddle-like applicators to apply the laser “lipo” to the desired location. The heat from the paddles permeates your skin and warms the fat cells beneath it. The fat cells begin to degrade because the heat harms their membranes. The dead cells are then absorbed by your body.

Observing the full effects of the treatment takes roughly six weeks. After that, the area that was treated ought to have undergone significant contouring. For the best outcomes, some patients require multiple treatments.


Recovery is extremely simple. Though you could experience some discomfort or redness at the treatment site, the majority of people can resume normal activity the following day.

How do “Traditional Liposuction” and Laser Lipo vary from One Another?

Additionally, laser lipolysis, often known as laser lipo, is employed to correct prior liposuctions that left skin abnormalities or to treat drooping skin following surgery. A cannula is used to treat the fatty deposits in “traditional” liposuction, which results in more damage and bleeding.

Is Lipolysis better than Liposuction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Yes, because less mechanical trauma is caused by the laser lipo procedure’s coagulation of the tiny blood vessels, which reduces bleeding and bruising. The key benefit of laser lipolysis over traditional liposuction is a considerably shorter and less painful recovery period due to much less intense inflammation and a less intrusive surgery overall. In traditional liposuction surgery, the instantaneous skin constriction caused by laser lipolysis makes it easier to treat areas that are typically difficult to reach (which often leads to a poor response in the contraction or irregularities during the post-liposuction period).

The most common places to reconstruct and repair using laser lipo are the sides, glutes, abdominal area, and cartridges. The primary quality of laser liposuction is the high level of patient and practitioner satisfaction.

The Advantages of Laser Lipolysis:

Here are some arguments in favor of choosing laser lipolysis over conventional liposuction:

  • There is little to no chance of an infection following surgery.
  • Minimal to nil chance of scarring following surgery
  • Compared to other weight loss procedures, the recovery time is quicker.

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