How To Prepare For Vascular Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Vascular surgeries may be performed for any number of reasons in both an outpatient setting such as varicose veins treatment or angiography, and inpatient treatment such as a bypass. Getting ready for surgery is easy if you know what you can expect and how to facilitate the care provider in performing your surgery. It also helps if you consult a specialist beforehand to know more about your particular vascular surgery so you can make educated decisions when it comes to preparing for your treatment. If you want to know more about How To Prepare For Vascular Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, continue reading below.

Vascular Surgery – An Overview:

Vascular surgery is any surgery that involves treating blood vessels and veins. Ranging from severe medical concerns such as arterial heart disease to aesthetically disapproved varicose veins, these surgeries can treat a lot of near-fatal illnesses.

What To Do Before Any Vascular Surgery:

No matter the nature of your vascular surgery, consider the following general guidelines to avoid any complications and associated risks.

  • Make sure to book a consultation with a specialist before your surgery. Getting a second opinion to make sure that you are qualified as an ideal candidate for the surgery is important. Only a certified medical practitioner with a certain amount of experience should be considered while getting checked to ensure that you get a bit of expert advice.
  • Always discuss your complete medical history with your doctor. Remember to disclose information regarding any previous treatment you may have received or any medication that you may be taking. If you don’t know about your allergies, now is probably a good time to discuss them with your care provider.
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption before your surgery as it can not only affect your healing post-surgery but can also cause thinning of blood which may be a problem during surgery.


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How To Prepare For Your Surgery:

Consider the following while making your visit for your vascular surgery.

  • Wear appropriate clothing on your way to the surgery in order to avoid discomfort during the procedure. For varicose veins consider wearing shorts or loose pants. Simply put you should dress in a way appropriate to your surgery.
  • Get a blood test prior to surgery to ensure you’re free of any infections or other illnesses so your surgery goes smoothly. 
  • Make sure to bring your previous medical records so the doctors have a better understanding of how to treat your particular case. The length of the symptoms, the nature of your illness, and previous treatments can play a key role in making sure that the surgery is successful.
  • Take precautionary measures if your surgery involves the use of anesthesia. Make sure you have a designated driver for your way back from the facility and that you’re fully stocked up on groceries to ensure your bed rest is not disturbed.
  • Make sure to manage your diet in accordance with the instructions of your doctor before surgery. Some surgeries require an empty stomach so be certain to consult your health care provider beforehand.


Like any other medical procedure, vascular surgeries also require certain aftercare precautions in order to give optimum results. Some general tips are mentioned below for reference.

  • Avoid exposure to irritants, direct sunlight, or toxins, and cover the treated area properly to protect it from dust or bacteria. 
  • In case of any unusual pain or discomfort, immediately contact your doctor and schedule a visit.
  • The results of treatment can vary on a patient-to-patient basis so instead of worrying about your recovery, consult an expert first so you can develop realistic expectations from your surgery.

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