How To Get Rid Of Melasma Permanently in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Melasma is a skin condition that leads to the formation of dark brown patches over the skin which does not go away easily. They are found in middle age from 20 to 35. Women are found more targeted by melasma than men because of the sensitivity of the skin. Melasma is such a stubborn skin condition that it does not go away so easily even by using the best topic creams. People often rise their queries regarding How To Get Rid Of Melasma Permanently in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. So here is the detailed information regarding the cause of melasma and its possible treatments.

What Cause Melasma?

Although the underlying cause of melasma is not fully known, there are certain things you may do to lower your chance of getting this skin disorder. These elements consist of:

  • Women are far more likely than males to get melasma.
  • Melasma usually develops in pregnant women, most likely as a result of an increase in hormones.
  • If you are exposed to the sun for an extended period of time without protection, you may get melasma on exposed skin.
  • If you have a dark skin tone, you may have a higher chance of getting melasma since darker skin contains more active pigment cells.
  • Your chance of getting melasma rises if your parents, siblings, or other close relatives do.

How to Prevent it?

Following are some precautionary measures against melasma:

  • Every time you leave the house, wear broad-spectrum sunscreen as a precaution.
  • One of the main components in tomatoes, lycopene, is known to shield the skin against both short- and long-term photodamage brought on by UV exposure.
  • Red lentils, which are high in antioxidants, can also be used to alleviate hyperpigmentation caused by melasma.
  • Black tea water may be used as a lightning remedy for dark spots, much like green tea. Tea’s astringent qualities calm and relieve inflammatory pigmentation.
  • Tyrosinase, an enzyme that results in pigmentation brought on by exposure to sunlight, is inhibited by substances found in licorice root.
  • Turmeric and aloe vera have substances that have fighting power against melanin production and the antioxidant nature of turmeric help in melasma issues caused by Sunburns.

Types of Melasma:

Melasma comes in three different varieties based on the intensity of the pigment. To ascertain the depth of the pigment, utilize a Wood lamp that generates black light. They are as follows:

  • Epidermal melasma is characterized by a dark brown hue, a well-defined boundary, and the ability to be seen under a black light. It can occasionally react favorably to therapy.
  • Another type of melasma also known as Dermal melasma has a hazy border, a light brown or bluish tint, and does not change under a black light. It also does not react well to therapy.
  • The most prevalent of the three, mixed melasma has both bluish and brown patches, has a mixed pattern under black light, and exhibits some therapeutic response.


There are various types of treatments available in Dubai which are helpful in providing extraordinary results against melasma. The top-performed procedures that yield the best results  are:

  • Carbon Laser Peel:

This procedure is quite effective and involves the application of a thin layer of carbon mixture which is then treated with a laser. The laser frequency targets the carbon pigment which as results take out all the impurities along with it as well as treats the spots beneath it such as melasma patches and dark spots.

  • Chemical Peel:

This treatment involves the application of multiple different types of chemicals such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and hydroquinone. These chemicals are found most effective in treating melasma by removing the outermost dead skin which contains melasma and hyperpigmentation. Continue use of chemical peel at the clinic as prescribed by the dermatologist can result in permanent removal of melasma.

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