How Many Times Do You Need Sculptra in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Our skin is the largest organ in the body. It works as a living barrier to protect us from external damages like UV light, chemicals, and other injuries caused on the skin’s surface over time. It also plays a major role in our appearance. Contributing to our facial beauty. And facial beauty is the most important element of our existence. But over the years, as we age, so does our skin. The good news is, there is a remote controller that can pause or slow down the aging process. Thanks to a versatile Filler known as a Sculptra, you can control the aging process now. Read the guide below and learn How Many Times Do You Need Sculptra in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Our professional experts at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai help patients like you to live prolonged youthful days.

What Is Sculptra?

Sculptra Fillers are introduced to solve the problems lying under the surface of mature skin. It helps to stimulate the appearance of the face line and provides fullness. It contains Poly L Lactic acid. When this filler is injected inside the skin, you will notice immediate results.

Why Do You Need Sculptra?

Natural collagen production inside our skin tends to slow down or completely shut down. 

Sculptra Fillers are designed to be one of the major modifications to our skin as we age.

It is a studied fact that after the age of 45, people tend to lose 25% of collagen loss. This reduction causes a weakening of the skin’s structure. Leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. That starts to appear on the skin because of the reduction of elasticity and natural moistures found inside the dermis.


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How Much Do You Need Sculptra?

Sculptra Fillers are a liquid facelift. The aim of the procedure is to pull back the patient’s skin slowly. Making it appear fuller and plumper. The treatment requires 1 vial or 4 vials for a decade of maintenance. 1 vial is 1/5th of a teaspoon. 2 vials are required in the first session. And then 1 vial a month is injected for 2 or more months. So a total of 4 vials are required to start off with the first-ever treatment. 1 vial every year is required to be essential for maintenance purposes. It is a very natural and slow build-up. Which has resulted to be very effective as well.


The fillers are injected deep into the Dermis. This gives the appearance of instant correction of the defect. Within days, the Aquarius opponents of the Sculptra aesthetics are absorbed within the body. A collagen framework is provided to gradually restore volume. This results in the smoothing out of shallow to deeply contoured deficiencies that can last up to 2 years. In time, this adds up to the conclusion that there is an increase in collagen production. And the body learns to naturally correct the structural deficiencies of collagen and fat loss that may or are likely to take place in the future.


This is how the Sculptra Fillers are injected;

  • You are required to fill out the medical form, this is very important because any lack of information regarding your medical health may contribute to serious reactions.
  • Your dermatologist will examine your medical form. And discuss your concerns regarding the issues you wish to tackle. 
  • Once done with the fundamental stage, the expert starts to begin the procedure by cleaning your face first.
  • The expert will mark the areas of your concerns very carefully. This is a guide to knowing exactly where to insert the injections at. 
  • One injection is inserted one at a time. This is very crucial because it prevents any risks of overfilling. As well as eliminating discomfort.
  • In the end, the expert will put an ice bag on the face. This helps you to feel relaxed. 


There are so many benefits to getting a Sculptra Filler;

  • It stimulates your own collagen production.
  • It restores your skin’s underlying structures.
  • Improves loss of volume.
  • Softens facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Naturally replaces lost collagen for up to 2 years. After a series of treatments.
  • You are advised to massage the treated area with a serum or moisturizing cream. This will allow a more even distribution of the filler.
  • It is not a facelift but works to draw everything upwards. 
  • It is a natural and overall correction on your face.
  • You see extra luminousness in your skin complexion

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