How Long After Bariatric Surgery Is Your Stomach Healed in Dubai

Weight gain can affect your aesthetic appearance. With growing weight, you feel tired and lack the ability to get your tasks done. Being sitting in one place and constantly thinking about the undesired outcomes can also lead to mental stress and negative vibes. Not to mention other attacks of serious health hazards gearing up to charge one after the other. To prevent further decline in health, we are offering effortless and reliable weight loss surgeries to restore your health and prosperity. Read about; How Long After Bariatric Surgery Is Your Stomach Healed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? And find out exclusive details on Bariatric Surgery In Dubai.

What Is The Aim Of The Surgery?

The purpose of this operation is to reduce the size and capacity of your stomach. The goal is to introduce an advanced weight loss method to suitable candidates and encourage them to eat small portions of an adequate balanced diet. Consequently, the brain is going to catch the generated signals and activate survival mode. Hence, you will not feel hungry more frequently. This shall deduct your timeless munching and help you get back in shape naturally. 

What Are The Results Of The Procedure?

The treated patients report back to us claiming they have noticed a splendid reduction in their weight. Moreover, within one year’s time, a good 40 to 50 percent of stored fat is also going to decrease. However, these changes are not permanent. You are required to keep track of your calories and hit the gym regularly to sustain the maintenance. 

How Long Does It Take To Go Back To Normal Activities?

Usually, the wounds will heal within weeks. However, the early practices of aftercare are highly important to prevent any possible wound infection or bleeding. This is why, we suggest being careful with your outdoor and physical activities for at least a month. You should be able to walk properly during your fifth week and return to your normal routine accordingly.

What Happens Inside The Operating Room?

You are put to sleep under the influence of general anesthesia. Below is a brief guideline for the procedure;

  • The surgeons will mark the areas for incision on your abdomen. A few minor holes are made to gain access inside the stomach.
  • A laparoscopic device is used which consists of a built-in camera and robotic hands to perform the surgery.
  • The entire process is monitored on the screens and performed respectively. Some special gas is blown into the stomach to be able to clearly see inside the internal system.
  • The sack is approached and split into two, making a pocket-like sleeve to shorten the capacity of the stomach.
  • In the end, all the surgical tools are removed. The wounds are sealed closed by medical sutures before transporting you to the recovery room. 
  • You may be taken under observation for multiple days to further monitor your health and signs of healing before you are all good to go home.

What Are The Key Benefits To This Treatment?

There are several advantages to Bariatric Surgery In Dubai. Read and explore the perks of the operation;

  • There are no risks or complications latched to this procedure. Furthermore, it is considered to be a less invasive surgical option to reduce weight.
  • Moreover, there is low swelling or inflammation post-treatment. Due to tiny incisions, even the surgical scars are less visible and the effects will naturally fade in due time.
  • You will notice massive improvements in your overall health. Your blood pressure will calm down and the insulin level will be tamed as well.
  • The new changes are going to boost your confidence. You can easily wear skin-hugging clothes. And opt for more style and fashion choices in terms of dressing up.
  • Even future harm or possible disease attacks can be prevented due to fat reduction. Your body is naturally beginning to fight off bacteria and the enzymes will eliminate the toxins through improved digestion.
  • Your hormones will also even out. This will reflect and make positive impacts on your skin and hair too.
  • As a result, your entire personality is remodeled and upgraded. You look charming and more appealing. 
  • Last but not least, the downtime and recovery time period is minimal as compared to other major surgeries. You can go back to work within weeks’ time. And get on with life with new and improved lifestyle choices.

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