How ENT Doctors Remove Ear Wax in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

People choose to treat ear wax blockage. ENT doctors remove ear wax through various treatments and measures. Glands produce ear wax known as cerumen in our ear canal. This wax helps to eliminate dirt and debris and lowers the risk of infection. The pollutants in our environment increase the risk of ear problems and the extra wax in our ear affects auditory functions and cause many ear-related problems. This wax is removed medically but many people think about How ENT Doctors Remove Ear Wax in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah or will it be painful. This treatment is delicate and highly proficient doctors remove ear wax and lessen the risks of other problems of the ear.

What are the Symptoms of Ear Wax Build-up?

Ear wax does not need to be removed as it makes a natural passageway out of your ears. However, in some individuals, it builds up and blocks off the ear canal.

The ear wax blockage includes numerous symptoms such as:

  • Auditory problems in our ear
  • Dizziness
  • Pain and irritation
  • Itching
  • Inflammation
  • The reflex of ear fulfillment with wax
  • Earache
  • Tinnitus and infection
  • Pinching in ear

Treatment of Ear Wax Blockage:

The process of removal of ear wax includes various treatments. Some of them are illustrated below:

  • Cerumen Impaction:

This method involves cleaning of ear with a soft cloth without inserting anything. Ear wax should not be removed as it protects our ear but excessive wax in the ear causes severe symptoms so it needs to be treated after consulting a doctor.

  • Irrigation or Ear Syringing:

Irrigation or ear syringing is the most common method used for wax removal. The standard solution used for syringing includes water and saline which should be warmed to the optimum temperature to prevent unconsciousness. This becomes more effective if saline water is added to the ear before treatment. This treatment is avoided in patients suffering from diabetes, a hole in the eardrum, skin problems, and a weakened immune system.

  • Microsuction:

Microsuction is a sound and safe procedure that usually takes 15-30 minutes. This treatment is mostly performed by ENT specialists. Doctors use miniature instruments, and microscopes to magnify your ear canal The catheter acts like a miniature vacuum cleaner that gently removes wax through suction. This treatment is done when other treatments have failed due to perforation in the eardrum, diabetes Miletus, weakened immune system, and skin problems.

What are the Aftercare Instructions?

  • After the wax is removed keep your ear dry for a minimum of 6-7 days.
  • Dry your ears thoroughly while taking shower, wetting your hair, swimming, and bathing.
  • Insert the ear plugs or cotton wool covered in petroleum jelly that will act as a protective seal for your ear canal.
  • Use mineral and pure oil to guard and moisturize the ear.
  • Consult your doctor regularly and do precautions as prescribed by the doctors.
  • Go for cleaning your ears per year and avoid digging out your ears with available items such as paperclips, cotton swabs, and hairpins.
  • Take proper care of your hygiene and protect your ears from dirt and debris.

Are there any Benefits?

There are many benefits of ear wax removal, some of which are quoted below:

  • Compared to patients with excessive ear wax this removal increases the level of the audition.
  • Removal of ear wax also prevents patients from infection. Excess ear wax or foreign particles may lead to severe conditions.
  • This removal of ear wax prevents your skin from dryness and helps you main healthy skin.
  • This treatment protects your eardrum from damage and helps aid in hearing.

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