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We believe healthcare is a common right of each individual. However, due to a lot of circumstances, not everyone can reach medical testing or aid on time. This is why we are here to provide you with excellent quality services even at home. From the privacy and comfort of your drawing room, you can avail the revolutionary Lab Sample Collection At Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Introducing a significant shift in healthcare services. A patient-centric experience for all Diagnostics Blood Tests at Home and reports that too while staying in your PJs. Read along and explore the wonder of modern-day lab tests from the comfort of your couch.

At-Home Lab Sample Collection:

This healthcare facility is for diagnostics centers to provide various laboratory test reports. However, the at-home services make it a lot more convenient for patients since you do not have to travel to the clinic or remain on hold while waiting for your turn. Home facilitation is a stress-free blood sample collection that is directly collected from your home and taken to the lab for the respective tests. In addition to this, our trained phlebotomist will visit you to draw blood, urine tests, or other swabs for allergy testing using sterile equipment for a detailed analysis of your overall health. 

Customer-Care Guidelines:

We take pride in informing you that all our services are performed using sterilized equipment. Our team and Lab experts are board-certified technicians who are working round the clock to conduct the best tests and results reports with accuracy. Moreover, we are using state-of-the-art technology and other advanced innovative techniques to provide excellent services to your doorstep and online platforms. We aim to provide fast services and modern-day healthcare to all. 

Safety Protocols:

  • You are advised to pause eating 12 hours before your appointed time.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes must be cut down a day or two before the blood test.
  • If you are under any health insurance, be sure to provide us with your details beforehand.
  • Do not wear any deodorant or perfume while sitting for the blood test. Instead, take a shower or bath for hygiene. 
  • Finally, you may eat and drink shortly after your healthcare provider leaves. However, it is emphasized to consume a healthy meal along with milk and water intake to restore your energy.
  • Last but not least, you are restricted from alcoholic and other energy drinks for a day or two. Similarly, avoid smoking or opting for a sheesha too.

Sample Collection Protocols:

Below are a few sample collection guidelines to enlighten you about the procedure and respective formalities for your Blood Test at Home

  • As soon as the healthcare provider arrives at your home, he/she will seek assistance for the medical aid.
  • A few mandatory healthcare questions will be asked of you. It is advised to be in a fasting mode.
  • We will unpack our aiding bag, and unseal the medical kit for your blood collection. 
  • The determined site of your arm is disinfected. A syringe is then inserted to extract the required percentage of the blood.
  • It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the entire procedure. In the end, a band-aid is placed on top to secure the extraction site. 
  • The healthcare provider will pack his/her medical bag after carefully placing your blood sample inside.
  • These are then safely transported to the Laboratory for respective analysis of your general well-being.

Results And Reports:

Each candidate has safe and secure accessibility to their online portals. You can use your smartphone or other devices to receive the results. However, it may take a few 3 to 5 working days to update the report of your blood test online. Additionally, we also provide medical guidance and other detailed descriptions about your health monitoring. You are advised to share the reports with your general doctor for further analysis or precautionary measures. 

Key Benefits Of Homecare:

  • Time and privacy are the main convenience for all. You do not need to travel to seek healthcare. Your healthcare provider is going to be coming to you instead.
  • No more long queuing or waiting time. You can easily access the facilitation from the comfort of your home.
  • Moreover, it is easily approachable for everyone. Simply, pick up your phone to book our services and receive your reports online. 
  • Furthermore, it is the most reliable option for elderly patients who can not travel to the clinic frequently. 
  • On top of that, the service also allows personalized timings according to your personalized schedules. 
  • Candidates find it relaxing to undergo blood test procedures in a familiar environment, that too while being in their PJs.
  • On the other hand, these tests provide privacy and peace, eliminating all the anxiety or stress associated with the clinical atmosphere. 

Cost And Service Charges:

Blood tests are performed for various medical conditions. Sometimes, a candidate may have to repeatedly undergo the procedure for a detailed diagnosis. This factor may fluctuate your final estimation per booking. However, to highlight the average price of Lab Sample Collection At Home, the Home Healthcare Service is priced between AED 100 to AED 1000. 

Book A Free Consultation:

For more information, fill in the form below to book a free consultation with us today. Or call our hotline to book your slot for a Lab Sample Collection At Home in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We will register your details and dispatch a certified phlebotomist from Enfield Royal Clinic to your doorstep.