Hair Fillers Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Beautiful thick hair is the pride of girls. Cosmetic companies offer shampoos, masks, and balms designed to restore hair and stimulate its growth. But they don’t always help. Often, “heavy artillery” is needed to restore shine and strength to strands. Then fillers come to the rescue. We will talk about them in this article. It is assumed that this tool penetrates the structure of the hair and restores it from the inside. Smooths scales and hair strands become smooth and radiant. Hair Fillers Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is also quite affordable.

What are Hair Fillers?

These care products are based on keratin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, plant extracts, and natural oils. It is to these valuable components that fillers owe their ability to quickly regenerate hair after damage and reliably protect them from aggressive environmental factors. All fillers are conditionally divided into keratin and hyaluronic, depending on which substance prevails. Keratin is a fibrillar protein that makes up almost 85% of hair. It penetrates deep into the hair shaft and helps to restore its structure.

Hyaluronic acid works more to moisturize the hair, giving it elasticity and shine. As a part of the filler, as a rule, there is a connective tissue protein elastin. It is also necessary for effective hair restoration, filling voids in its structure, and elimination of increased dryness, and brittleness. An important component is also collagen a fibrillar protein responsible for the elasticity, density, and shine of hair.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

The best candidate for the treatment would be someone having the following conditions:

  • For women and men with weak and thin hair
  • To improve the condition of the hair
  • The hair Filler complex stimulates rapid hair growth and increases their volume
  • With hair loss, thinning hair, and treatment of androgenetic alopecia
  • For balding women and men
  • To achieve a synergistic effect when used in combination with other anti-hair loss products
  • For people who have had hair transplants and want to maintain a long hair life cycle.

What Result Can you Achieve?

You will notice the result right away. It will last 2-3 washes. Experts recommend using the remedy in a course of 3-4 applications. Then you will completely get rid of split ends and prevent hair breakage and hair loss. It is best to use the filler once a week, then the hair will delight you with beauty, density, and softness.

Treat yourself to luxurious hair without visiting beauty salons. Choose hair fillers in our catalog and be charming!

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What do Hair Fillers Include?

The composition of fillers from different manufacturers may vary. However, it is possible to identify the main active substances that are part of the fillers.

First of all, it is keratin a protein similar to the hair’s protein. It helps to strengthen hair and repair damage. In addition, it gives smoothness and shine.

Ceramides are responsible for moisturizing, firmness, and elasticity of the hair.

Amino acids, for example, such as alanine and cysteine, also help to increase the strength of the strands. And make them thicker and generally accelerate hair growth.


The Hair Fillers Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can range from AED 1499 to AED 4999. The cost can vary depending on several factors including the number of sessions needed, the complexity of the treatment, and the doctor’s expertise. The doctor will determine the actual cost after the initial consultation and an evaluation of the situation.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of other things are included in this pricing. such as the cost of the attendant and the necessary goods. Below is a detailed discussion of these elements.

The following factors impact the cost of the treatment:

The Doctor’s Qualification:

Most patients’ first worry is the cost of the visit to the doctor. But fortunately for you, the overall price includes this cost.

Required materials:

The majority of clinics will demand additional payment for the additional items utilized. This includes additional fees for the anesthetic, latex gloves, alcohol pads, and syringes. They will ask you to buy these essentials on your own because they do not include them in the therapy.

But Enfield Royal Hair Transplant Clinic provides all of these services at an affordable Hair Fillers Treatment Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. There won’t be any additional fees that you have to pay either.

The Treatment Area:

Because the fee is so high, it covers whatever region you desire to have treated. This implies that you will only pay according to where you receive the therapy.

Is the Treatment Covered by Insurance?

The fillers are not covered by your insurance since they are not required to be physically healthy and fit. This implies that you will be responsible for covering the cost of the full treatment. Most consumers will believe that these procedures are covered by medical insurance without checking with their insurance providers beforehand.

That is regrettably not the case. You may always decide to save up and get the procedure done in a few months if you feel as though you cannot afford the treatment.