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For celebrities, their physical appearance is vital for the survival and preservation of their careers. All these handsome celebrities have a secret that turns their worst hair days into the best hair days, and ordinary people could never be entirely sure how the celebrities grew their hair back or got rid of their balding scalp. Thanks to the actively developing technologies and innovative techniques of the beauty industry and medicine, the client requests are perfectly fulfilled. The treatments have become popular among celebrities and ordinary people alike. Recently, Gal Amitai has done his hair transplant at Enfield Royal Clinic with satisfactory results. 

Who is Gal Amitai?

Amitai is a 35-year-old Israeli actor, TV presenter, and acting teacher. He is a graduate of SLA – The Theater Arts Studio founded by Yoram Levinstein, having over ten years of experience. He starred in various TV series and movies and has worked in diverse genres. He has appeared in numerous reality and comedy shows.

He wanted to give back to his community, so he started teaching acting. He utilizes this time to polish his acting skills further.

Gal Amitai’s Hair Transplant Journey with Enfield Royal Clinic:

Hair loss is one of the most common issues among men, and it does not spare celebrities and actors. Celebs are supposed to steal the hearts of a multitude of admirers, and they cannot do it with a bald head!

It is a well-known fact that the only permanent solution for hair loss is hair transplantation which is a truly effective solution to this problem. However, it is imperative to get the treatment at a trusted clinic from an experienced specialist.

Dubai’s Leading Hair Transplant Clinic:

Amitai was looking for a certified hair clinic with experienced professionals who will strive to understand his needs and provide him with his desired results. 

Thanks to its youthful and dynamic team of professionals, Enfield Royal Clinic will greet you with an expedient treatment. The employees are well-trained and consistently courteous and welcoming. Each has been hand-picked to ensure the finest possible patient care during the hair transplant procedure.

Our aim is that all patients, no matter where they come from, should feel like they are in a clinic in their own country, regardless of where they are from. We make every effort to make each patient feel as relaxed as possible.

These are the reasons that attracted Gal Amitai to the clinic, and he took his life-changing hair transplantation journey with us.

What Attracted Amitai Towards Enfield Royal?

Reasons that make the clinic better than all other options, some of which include:

No Hidden Charges: Our leading philosophy is that our patients will not be charged any additional fees beyond those stated in the operating plan at the time of the procedure.

Free Consultation: All the clinic’s clients are entitled to a free first consultation. You will not be charged anything unless you have decided to have treatment.

Experienced Doctors: You will be served by some of the clinic’s most well-trained and experienced personnel.

100% Financing: People who cannot afford the procedures might receive total financing from the facility.

Modern Equipment: The clinic has the most up-to-date and sophisticated hair transplantation equipment.

What Results Did He Get?

Gal Amitai has undergone an FUE hair transplant at Enfield Royal Hair Treatment Clinic and has gotten feasible and advantageous results. He was looking to get his hair transplant done by experienced medical personnel, who actually know how to properly shape the front line of the hair, giving it a natural look.

Amitai found that experts at our clinic convert their hair transplants into their little works of art. The experts and the trained medical staff can demonstrate the highest level of experience and professionalism. They also stand out in other skills related to design, planning, and execution.

It was because of these skills Amitai got the most satisfactory results and decided to promote our business in Israel, for which he has set up a website and social media pages.

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Best Gal Amitai Done His Hair Transplant at Enfield Royal in Dubai   Gal Amitai Done His Hair Transplant at Enfield Royal Dubai   Gal Amitai Done His Hair Transplant at Enfield Royal in Dubai


The VIP service Gal Amitai got at our clinic led him on a self-improvement journey and opened the way for new and better opportunities in his career. However, the benefits of intervention are not intended for a small population of celebrities only. Still, they are also within reach of all those who feel the need to improve their overall appearance and always present themselves at their best. UAE in general and Dubai, in particular, has stood out in recent years for encouraging the development of the hair transplant sector.