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Our health requires balance and care. Although the natural healing process does take care of our bodies. However, we must also refrain from certain activities that may take us to undesired outcomes. The food we eat can do a lot of good and harm inside the body. Not to mention the process of flushing it all out naturally. This too can cause minor to major problems. Such is the case with people who are struggling with constipation particularly. If you experience bleeding or severe pain while doing your business? This could be an alarming situation! Read about; Hemorrhoid Treatment In Dubai. Discover the best Female Doctor For Hemorrhoids In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and reach out for immediate help today.

What Is Hemorrhoid?

This medical condition is also referred to as Piles. It occurs when several veins are dilated from the anus area and begins to form abnormal lumps of skin inside and outside the body. Usually, these are not painful. However, in some cases, patients mention not being able to sit because of the unbearable discomfort. Candidates may feel inflammatory attacks or sudden pinching pain in their affected region. Similarly, it is also common to experience bleeding when passing the stool. This usually occurs after a severe constipation. However, it is very important to see a specialist before the situation aggravates and leads to serious cancerous effects.

What Causes This Problem?

Sometimes Piles are considered to be running in the family. Therefore, a candidate may develop it over time due to their genetics. However, recent studies showed it could also occur after constant constipation or diarrhea. The affected area is surrounded by very fragile skin and tissues underneath. What happens is that the blood circulation will eventually pause and cause lump formations. Moreover, candidates who are fond of spicy food may also end up in this situation due to irregular stool passing.

Who Is The Best Lady Doctor For Me?

Both men and women can develop this common condition. When it comes to women, we understand you will feel much more comfortable when speaking to a lady doctor. This is why we are introducing one of our best Gynecologists who is well-experienced in the field of targeting and treating diseases in the female body. Dr. Mahya Kanani is a board-certified practitioner and professional surgeon at our clinic. Her expertise also includes diagnosis and a professional approach to treating each individual according to their preferred surgical or non-surgical treatments. 

What Is The Best Treatment Option In Dubai?

We are offering both surgical and non-surgical methods to eliminate the lumps. However, most patients are reluctant to opt for non-invasive options. This is why we are utilizing Laser technology to diminish the bulgy skin for good. The action is performed by a practiced practitioner who will gain access to the affected area by making a tiny incision for an easier approach. The light beams are then drawn on top of the skin to minimize the size of the lump. Additionally, some candidates may require a follow-up session. But only an expert can determine this fact after monitoring your recovery from the first therapy. For further information, call us on our hotline and ask away your inquiries. 

What Happens During The Appointment?

Lasers are the most effective and reliable solution to many health-related problems. We will perform the painless procedure to reduce the effects of the Piles. Below is a general information about the process;

  • The expert will examine your current condition. The nearby skin is gently disinfected with the help of anti-bacterial cleansers.
  • A nurse will inject some anesthetic injections into the problematic area. This shall numb the entire region to provide you with a comfortable experience.
  • The next step is to activate the device and directly introduce it to the area under care. It usually takes 10 minutes to discard almost 80% of the Hemorrhoids. 
  • The lumps will begin to shrink in size almost instantly. However, you are required to opt for a number of sessions for the best outcomes.
  • In the end, some topical and oral medications are given to you along with some aftercare instructions to practice at home. 

What Are The Expected Results?

It will take nearly a week or two to recover fully. Furthermore, you may observe some bleeding or discharge released from the treated area. Although it is considered to be a normal reaction. However, some dressing and other oral medications are prescribed to you to banish the bacteria from the inside and out. 

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