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We are offering a wide variety of non-invasive to invasive treatments in terms of treating your hair and skin problems. If you are looking for a fast and painless method to upgrade or improve your aesthetic concerns. Read about; CGF Treatment In Dubai. Find out more information about this non-invasive method to Enhance Your Beauty With CGF Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Or visit us today for an effortless transformation this season.

What Is CGF?

It stands for Concentrated Growth Factor. It is a combination of active stem cells which is combined with naturally extracted plasma cells to boost the generative platelet cells. It is a safe and reliable method that is used for treating many cosmetic concerns. Whether one is struggling with anti-aging issues or other internal or external problems related to physical health or hair growth in general. This treatment has solutions to various problems.

How Does It Work?

We collect the candidate’s own blood and put it into a special machine where essential substances are filtered and modified for further use. It is then combined with CGF components to accelerate the healing process of damaged skin. This process will enhance the quality of beauty and instill a youthful glow for a prolonged period of time. 


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Best Enhance Your Beauty With CGF Treatment in Dubai   Enhance Your Beauty With CGF Treatment Dubai   Enhance Your Beauty With CGF Treatment in Dubai

Is It Any Different From PRP?

Yes, it is a slightly different approach as compared to the PRP treatment. The additional active fluids of concentrated growth factors will boost hematopoietic stem cells. Therefore, the healing power will accelerate as well. Another reason why CGF works efficiently is because it can be directly inserted into the targeted tissues. This will help to repair the problems from the exact specific regions. And help you achieve your desired aesthetic goals in a minimal time period. 

How Does It Enhance The Beauty?

The fun fact about this therapy is that, it can be infused with Micro-needling or Mesotherapy. Below is a general guideline of the procedure;

  • We will examine your skin and gently disinfect it from the impurities floating on top.
  • Meanwhile, a nurse will prepare the other half segment of the process. Some blood is drawn from your arm. 
  • It is then inserted into a 4ml glass container and placed into a special machine to separate the plasma from the white cells. 
  • The stem cells are mixed together with the CGF particles and filled into a syringe. 
  • We will perform the external treatment to aid your dermal concerns. With fragile micro punctures on the top layers of the face or scalp, the blood circulation is going to activate.
  • We will now introduce the special plasma-rich formula infused with CGF and massage it along the skin. This will improve your skin texture, and promote new follicle growth on the head.
  • The entire session may take an hour; more or less. In the end, you are guided on the aftercare precautions. And re-scheduled for a follow-up appointment.

What Are The Generated Benefits?

We gathered versatile perks to CGF Treatment In Dubai. Read and explore the multitasking effects it has on your overall beauty;

  • You can get fast and better healing results on your face and scalp.
  • It can even promote rapid bone growth in terms of any fracture or internal injury.
  • When introduced into the skin, it can revitalize your face. And instill great changes into the dermis which will produce remarkable outcomes on the epidermis.
  • From aging concerns such as; wrinkles or fine lines to saggy skin. It can reverse the undesired effects and naturally lift the face to a youthful appearance.
  • Any external damage on the skin due to sun exposure can also be treated with the help of this innovative treatment.
  • Similarly, due to an increase in the collagen cells. You will notice a reduction in the dark scars as well.
  • It will upgrade your dermal texture and quality by producing elasticity on top. As a result, your entire complexion is going to brighten up.
  • Last, but not least, it is an FDA-approved method to safely dismiss your skin problems without causing any allergic reaction. 

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