Diagnosis And Treatment Of Botolinum Toxin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Botulism is caused by exposure to the botulinum toxin, usually produced by an anaerobic bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. The toxin inhibits the communication between the brain and muscles and can prove to be fatal if left untreated as it can prevent the proper functioning of vital organs including the lungs. Diagnosis And Treatment Of Botulinum Toxin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah are carried out through an examination of the patient’s stool, vomit, or blood samples. Symptoms for different types of exposure are similar and treatment methods vary slightly based on the mode of transmission of the toxin. Continue reading below for a more detailed overview.

Aim of the Treatment:

The main focus of treatment is to stop the further spread of the toxin by using anti-toxin injected directly into the bloodstream. In suspected cases, treatment is immediate, even prior to diagnostic results to prevent damage to the nerves. A different approach may be used for infants and children.

Diagnosis of Different Types of Botulism:

Symptoms such as drooping eyelids, fatigue, difficulty speaking, and breathing issues are common in all cases of exposure to botulinum toxin. There are a number of different case scenarios under which the toxin can be introduced into the body. These include,

  • Exposure Through Contaminated Food:

The bacteria is usually very resilient and its spores can survive very harsh conditions including high and low temperatures. This is why exposure to lower acidic foods such as canned food, raw or undercooked fish, or even unrefrigerated food is not easily ruled out. 

Testing of vomit or stool samples of the patient can reveal the presence of the toxin and immediate treatment is usually recommended.

  • Exposure Through Injury:

As the bacteria spores can become airborne, inhalation or exposure through an open wound can occur. The bacteria target the nerves and can spread quickly through the bloodstream into other parts of the body. 

The presence of toxins in blood samples is usually the diagnosis method.

  • Infant Botulism:

In infants, especially under a year old, the spores can take root in their gut and can reproduce while releasing the deadly toxin. This can cause reduced intake of food, constipation, difficulty breathing and crying, and reduced muscle movement. For such cases, a different anti-toxin called botulism immune globulin is used.

  • Intestinal Botulism:

In rare cases, the spores may end up colonizing the intestinal tract where they release the toxin. If the gut is already affected by any other conditions, there is a greater possibility of the bacteria taking hold.

  • Iatrogenic Botulism:

Another rare type of botulism is that caused by inadvertent exposure to the toxin during a cosmetic treatment. Botox treatments are widely used due to their multiple purposes in improving the aesthetic profile of a patient. However, too much toxin or its spread into the bloodstream can lead to muscle paralysis and needs to be treated immediately to avoid permanent damage.

Diagnosis can be performed by testing blood samples.


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Symptoms & Treatment:

Symptoms can appear in a 10-15 day period and are usually common for almost all types of exposure. These can include,

  • Unclear vision and reduced muscle coordination
  • Weakness and a fever
  • Difficulty breathing and speaking
  • Constipation and lethargy

To treat the digestive tract and exposure through contaminated food, medication may be prescribed to clean the gut through induced vomiting. Anti-toxin treatment is mandatory and depending on the severity of symptoms, treatment may begin before test results can be obtained as the damage caused by the toxin can be fatal if left untreated for 2 weeks or more. In severe cases, the use of a ventilator to prevent breathing difficulty is also recommended.


Previously, there was a higher chance of a fatality caused by exposure to the toxin. However, advancements in the medical field have led to a success rate of over 90% for patients diagnosed with botulinum toxin. If immediate care is provided, nerve damage can be prevented however, in case of excessive damage or delayed treatment, it can take up to 6 months to completely heal and return to your everyday activities.

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