Dental Bleaching and Whitening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Teeth whitening transforms your discolored teeth into radiant teeth without damaging the enamel. It is the most effective procedure that brightens your teeth and breaks stains into small pieces. The treatment of teeth whitening is an effective and easy procedure. People desire white teeth clear of all stains and plaque. Make your desire come true and show your white and bright smile by treating your damaged enamel and stained teeth.  A smile expresses your beauty and confidence so get rid of your discolored and stained teeth and go for Dental Bleaching and Whitening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. This procedure is delicate and highly proficient doctors treat your teeth and make your smile adorable.

Aim of the Procedure:

The aim of teeth whitening is to brighten your teeth and make them clear of all stains. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses two bleaching products for the discoloration of teeth that is hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. This effective teeth-whitening treatment has effective, sudden, and long-lasting results.

Now a days, every single person is beauty conscious and is concerned with his smile. People do not take much care of their teeth and all the food they eat gets stuck in their teeth in the form of plaque. This plaque turns into hard and damaging tooth surface stains that further cause discoloration of teeth. Teeth whitening aims to unfasten your stains so that you can show off your smile and make yourself feel good.

The Procedure of Teeth Whitening:

  • Cleaning the teeth and removing the stains is highly advisable for the best possible results.
  •  A protective gel and retractor have been applied that shield your lips and teeth. After shielding hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen carbamide are applied to the front surface of your tooth. 
  • Exposure to ultraviolet light removes all the stains thoroughly by penetrating into the enamel. This step temporarily removes the enamel cuticle that is formed naturally after the next 48 hours.
  •  Little heat is produced by bleaching light and the next session of approximately 5 minutes with complete the whole procedure. Dentists will apply the solution to reduce the sensitivity of teeth.


This method is not long-lasting but effective as long as you follow the following precautionary measures.

  • Quit Smoking:

Smoking again can cause discoloration and staining of teeth. So you should avoid doing smoke after this whitening treatment. Cigarette tar damages the teeth’ surface.

  • Avoid Drinking Harsh Beverages:

Strictly avoid drinking hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea, aerated and soft drinks, and acidic and spicy foods.

  • Use Soft Brush:

Brush your teeth with the soft or medium bristles of a toothbrush. Avoid using brushes with harsh bristles. Floss your teeth regularly to maintain whitening treatment.

  •  Follow Up:

It is strictly recommended to follow up your doctor’s instructions to make this whitening treatment long-lasting.


Teeth whitening is the most instant and effective treatment that protects your teeth from stains and discoloration. This procedure makes your teeth enamel protected from plaque and other sticking materials. The patients with this treatment feel better health. This safe and sound treatment of teeth whitening makes your mental and physical health better. You can show your smile without any fear of teeth discoloration and feel confident among people as your first impression counts as a winning and attractive smile with radiant bright teeth.

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This delicate procedure is performed by qualified doctors that prevent your teeth from more damage. We proudly say that our doctors do this whitening treatment with efficient results at Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic. So your wait comes to an end and grabs a consultation for Dental Bleaching and Whitening in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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