BRAVA Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Breast Augmentation is a need of time and beauty. There are multiple reasons why people tend to have their Breast Augmented which may include cosmetic and medical reasons. After the procedure of mastectomy, women went to have their breasts augmented or reconstructed so that can gain the exact look they have before. Those who just want to enhance the size of their breast are not needed to get worried about invasive surgeries on the breast for them there is a procedure of BRAVA Breast Augmentation in Dubai you can gather all the relative information regarding the procedure and BRAVA Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah in this blog and by consulting for free with us.

BRAVA Breast Augmentation:

BRAVA is relatively a new technology and groundbreaking work of a well-known surgeon. Similar to a big bra, this device is worn by the lady outside of her breasts, but it is an active bra that produces a vacuum inside of it. Two hard, translucent plastic domes with soft gel rims make up the BRAVA, which is kept in place over the breasts by a bra-like fabric. The domes are connected to a tiny device the size of a mobile phone that operates inside the Brava to generate a controlled vacuum. The suction causes the breasts to be “pulled” or “dragged” out. It’s not painful at all. This improves blood flow and encourages the growth of new breast tissue.


Cost is relatively found different in different countries or at different clinics due to the factors influencing it to fluctuate. Some of the leading factors that are needed to be considered before considering a clinic to have your treatment in order to have better treatment at less cost are mentioned in the paragraph below. Whereas according to an estimate the BRAVA Breast Augmentation Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 18,000 to AED 25,000 depending upon all these factors defined here. To know the exact cost one should visit the clinic and get charged in accordance with their condition.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The following are the factors involved in the intense fluctuation of the cost from time to time and from clinic to clinic:

  • The need of the client is basically playing a vital role in defining the cost. Every client has a different need in accordance with their health look and structure. As well as every client have a different condition to overcome so the number of efforts that are required to fulfill the need of the clients is also different which means where there is a need for relatively more effort there will be the chances of high cost to be charged.
  • The expertise of the surgeon dealing with your matter also means a lot as this procedure is nonsurgical but it demands the same level of concentration and attention to deliver the exact results a person expected. Whereas there always remain chances for mishaps or risks which are needed to be handled by an expert surgeon. 
  • The clinic from where the treatment will be considered to be done is also responsible for the end results and the consequences. So very few clinics are there in Dubai which provides amazing outcomes under the supervision of expert surgeons as well as help you out during the whole time of recovery along with minimum cost and a free consultation. 


This procedure can bring the following benefits to you:

  • The results appear to be natural.
  • Only your tissue is utilized; no breast implants are necessary.
  • As with flap-based reconstruction, significant surgery is not necessary.
  • Larger breasts can be rebuilt with subsequent therapy over a 2–6 month period.
  • There are no more scars, and recuperation takes almost no time.
  • Reconstruction that can wait
  • Larger than average breasts can be rebuilt.
  • A first reconstruction treatment might result in a breast that is a B-cup size.

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