At What BMI Should You Consider Weight Loss Surgery in Dubai Cost

With the increasing demand for getting a physically fit and compatible look, everyone works out differently with different stamina day by day. In the struggle to do so people are adopting multiple ways to get an accurate body shape some go to the gym some people work on exercise daily and some people try to use different tonics and oxidizing drinks to get the desired result but when all these techniques get failed in accomplishing the objective of acquiring perfectly attractive and completely fit body outline and shape they then go for the surgical procedure to overcome gained up weight and this can be best understood by  At What BMI Should You Consider Weight Loss Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is BMI?

BMI is known to be the body mass index, it is the standard calculation parameter that helps you check out your healthy body mass corresponding to your height.

Ideally, people having a BMI between 20-and 25 are considered to be noneligible for the surgery, people having BMI above 35 are considered to be overweight and people between the range of 35-40 are considered to be obsessing and fit most for weight loss surgical procedures.

What Is Weight Loss Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is the most adoptive procedure nowadays among the list of procedures conducted to acquire weight loss, It is an invasive procedure and depends upon the value of BMI lt is advisable in cases where people have a BMI above 35 with some associated health complications that include;

  • Heart diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Respiratory dysfunctioning
  • Stomach upset
  • Any neurodegenerative disease


The procedure is recommended only when nothing works like exercise, dieting, etc This is considered to be the most significant surgical procedure conducted under the surveillance of an expert surgeon but before finalizing the decision the patient assessment is done to whether he fulfills the eligibility demand of weight loss surgery or not.

The procedure is done in three ways,

  • In the first type of procedure, a special kind of band is wrapped around the stomach to achieve the goal of having less food craving
  • In the second type, the opening sphincter of the stomach is attached to the intestinal region so that a person does not try to take much food and feels full all the time
  • In third or major type of procedure involves the cutting of some area of the stomach just to reduce the internal diameter of the stomach so that less food is to be taken to avoid weight gain.

Significance Of Weight Loss Surgery:

This procedure has very long-term significance:

  • It provides long-term benefits for losing weight after surgery, it regulates the hormonal release and makes the metabolism much more active and faster.
  • This procedure is found to be good for encountering many chronic medical issues like high blood pressure, gastric dysfunctioning, and hepatic abnormalities.
  • It helps regulate other ailments upon consistently following exercise.
  • This procedure helps increase a person’s life span and is involved in reducing the risk of cancers in people who are susceptible to many chronic health issues.
  • The risk of developing joint pain issues also gets reduced and the person feels more energetic active and motivated.


Every surgical procedure must have some associated risk factor along with the significance, weight loss surgery has very little risk;

  • One of the risks is the low intake of nutrients at the absorption site because of less consumption of food
  • There might be chances of having little gallstones.


A strict follow-up is needed to maintain the result of the surgery. because it is not the final cure to weight-related issues A permanent adaptation to a healthy lifestyle is required once the procedure is done you have to maintain a regular exercise schedule along with intake of essential food rich in good contents instead of raw and junk food items especially intake of liquid food items for a couple of weeks right after having the procedure have to go for the regular appointment to visit the doctor to avoid any complication in life.

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