10 Common Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment in Dubai Cost

Dentistry has come a long way in the last decade or two. The technology used today has made complex dental procedures much easier and cheaper. However, technology is also responsible for the spread of a lot of incorrect or misinterpreted information. The same goes for this standard treatment which is sadly still a cause for concern since people would rather have their teeth pulled than follow through with this treatment. Here we’ll discuss 10 Common Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah so that you are well informed on the subject before your dentist visit. in case you ever have to choose to get this treatment, you will be knowledgeable on the subject and will be able to make the right choice.

Aim of the Procedure:

Before discussing the myths, first, you have to know what is a root canal treatment. It is a simple treatment of the soft, inner part of the tooth (pulp) in case of infection or decay. Fillings are placed inside to avoid the risk of future infection.

10 Common Misconceptions about Root Canal Treatment:

  1. It’s Painful:

    No, it’s not since anesthetic is used and you won’t feel any pain during the treatment just like a normal filling procedure. In fact, any pain you may have had earlier will be gone too after the treatment.

  2. It’s Temporary:

    No, Actually, if proper oral hygiene is maintained, the crown placed on top of the tooth will last a long time, maybe indefinitely.

  3. It Requires Multiple Appointments:

    This is just not true since, unless it is a complicated case involving multiple root canal treatments, normally, it takes one or two appointments to have a root canal treatment.

  4. It can Cause other Oral Diseases:

    Actually, the process involves removing infected pulp from within the tooth and placing dental fillings inside so it can’t really cause disease.

  5. It Damages Roots:

    No, quite the contrary, it actually adds strength to the roots and helps in healing the infection, if any.

  6. It Affects the Baby in Case of Pregnancy:

    This is a myth, although x-rays are avoided during pregnancy, keep in mind that this is for your mouth and does not affect the baby in case of pregnancy.

  7. A Root Canal is Unnecessary if you don’t have a Toothache:

    Root canal treatment can relieve pain from infections, but even if you don’t have any pain, only a thorough examination will reveal the condition of the inside of the tooth. This is why a qualified endodontist, such as our doctor at Enfield Royal Clinic, is necessary for consultation, both pre and post-procedure.

  8. Teeth become Weaker after Root Canal:

    Teeth get better stability and the crown receives more protection from decay. Resultantly, teeth become more potent after this treatment.

  9. It’s easier to Remove the Tooth instead:

    Nothing can replace a natural tooth in originality, so if there is a way to retain teeth, why opt for removal? Keep in mind that tooth extraction is a longer and riskier option and may lead to gaps between teeth.

  10. It’s Expensive:

    Compared to other treatments and removal of teeth, this is actually a much cheaper, more durable, and quicker option to pick.


Your oral health is just as important, if not more so, as your bodily health. A root canal can solve a number of issues pertaining to the oral cavity and if recommended after a consultation, it should be performed immediately to avoid further damage to the roots.

Tooth extraction as compared to root canal treatment is the last and final resort and should be treated as such.

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