How Long Does Double Chin Reduction Last in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

The second chin, which appears as an excess of adipose tissue and a skin fold beneath the lower jaw, is typically referred to as a cosmetic deformity and can affect people of either sex, independent of constitution or age. The drawback of this abnormality is that it adds a few more years to the patient’s life and visibly impairs facial characteristics.

In the past, cosmetology provided us with certain techniques to stop the development of a second chin since it not only alters facial characteristics but also increases the ptosis of skin tissues. Now, according to cosmetic surgeons, there are techniques to get rid of the second chin much quicker and more successfully than before! How Long Does Double Chin Reduction Last in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

What causes a Double Chin?

You don’t need to be concerned about the second chin if your chin and jaw are sharply arched. It is doubtful that people with an acute chin-maxillary angle or those without one at all will be able to prevent the development of a second chin. This characteristic is genetically inherited and handed down from one generation to the next. It is sufficient to examine your nearest ancestors in more detail, make genetic inferences, and consider illness prevention from an early age.

The presence of fat deposits in the chin-cervical region is another need. A great “fat trap,” this area sees the development of extra fat far earlier than the hips or abdomen.

Age-related alterations, which occur when degenerative processes are started in the muscles of the neck and are linked to inadequate levels of collagen and elastin, will not be the last to take place. This will result in tissue stretching and gravitational ptosis. A second chin develops as the skin on the neck starts to droop, weaken, and thin.

Due to the accumulation of extra fat in the neck, hormonal surges in a woman’s body (having a child, menopause), and thyroid illness (hypothyroidism), can also result in a double chin. Unfortunately, in some instances, the presence of a double chin is no longer only an aesthetic flaw but rather an essential sign of a dangerous condition.

Habits and posture are additional crucial factors. When someone stoops, their head is continually dropped, or they sleep incorrectly, the muscles in their neck are strained, which disrupts blood flow and causes fat to collect beneath the skin, giving the impression of a second chin.

How can a Double Chin be Eliminated Fast, Securely, and Permanently?

We have three options in modern cosmetology to get rid of the second chin and it depends on the surgery How Long Does Double Chin Reduction Last in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

Surgical Correction:

In addition to removing extra fat deposits, tightening loose skin, and giving the chin a lovely form, surgical correction will also enable changing the angle between the chin and the cervical region. This is the most extreme procedure; it involves a highly skilled plastic surgeon, extensive recovery time, and expensive materials.

Non-Surgical Correction:

It will take a little longer to remove the second chin non-surgically, but you won’t have as many side effects and you may resume your normal activities nearly right away without a protracted and painful recovery period.

The Takeaway

Our cosmetologists at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic treat each patient individually while using certified lipolytic. On the basis of the preliminary indications, the medication, dose, and number of surgeries to remove the chin are chosen.

The best method for removing localized chin fat deposits is lipolytic injection. The medicine is administered through intradermal injection under the chin, which yields a quicker, more noticeable, and long-lasting response. Observable outcomes with just one therapy. For each patient, the doctor recommends a specific course of chin correction to get the desired result. It typically comprises 4–7 operations separated by 7–20 days.