Personality makes a person unique and is one of the major traits to determine whether people are attracted to or shy away from you. There are different self-enhancement and beauty treatments available. People are undergoing these treatments because they are becoming more concerned about improving their personality.

If you are over-weight you might go for traditional weight loss methods e.g. controlled diet and exercise. What if these methods do not benefit you? Is there any other treatment available? The answer is yes! Laser fat reduction or laser liposuction is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for body contouring and body shaping. Unwanted localized fat from your body including hips, thighs, buttocks, neck, arm, and abdomen is eliminated through laser fat removal. Laser technology is used to make you look slim by removing unnecessary fatty bulges from the body to get a perfect body shape. It is suitable for those who have stubborn pockets of fats in some specific areas of the body.


Types of fat reduction

Following are three main types of fat reduction

  • Laser liposuction – laser energy is used to liquefy the fat, which is then removed from the body by using a thin tube known as Cannula.
  • Zerona – A laser therapy to liquefy the content of fat cells
  • SculpSure – works by heating the fats cells through lasers. It results in destroying their structures



A minimally invasive procedure that targets the fat cells. It uses heat from lasers at different wavelengths to melt the unnecessary fat bulges from the body. It works by aiming laser energy to penetrate fat cells. It is designed to puncture small holes in the membranes of these cells. Fatty acids, glycerol, and water are removed from the cells causing them to shrink. The results will appear immediately after the procedure but the best results are shown after some time.


Who can opt for this procedure?

A safe procedure with minimum downtime, side effects, and scarring. For you to be an ideal candidate for this treatment,

  • You should be a non-smoker and must be in good health
  • If you want to eliminate fat from some specific areas of the body
  • Your body should have a good skin tone
  • You should not have a BMI value over 30
  • Skin must have good elasticity. Eating a healthy and balanced diet improves your skin elasticity


Which areas are best for this treatment?

It can be implemented on all those body parts which contain fat bulges. These areas include;

  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Chin
  • Stomach
  • Flanks



Results vary from person to person depending upon the patient’s skin elasticity.

  1. Results will be seen right after the treatment as a massive amount of fat is removed from the body.
  2. It will also benefit you in skin tightening that is why it is more preferable than a traditional liposuction
  3. Follow a healthy diet and exercise regime following the procedure to get long-lasting results. Some will may require follow-up treatments for maintaining the result.
  4. The technician must be a trained and professional surgeon otherwise the wrong procedure will lead to perforation and bleeding.

The results of laser liposuction will last as long as you will maintain it. You need to follow these instructions for maintaining long-lasting results

  • Follow a healthy diet plan prefer taking proteins
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption
  • Do exercise and yoga regularly

Side effects

You will experience swelling, numbness and bruising on the treated area. There are few chances of skin burning and skin infection too. Scarring, tenderness can also occur but it is not so common. Recovery will require more than a week before you can return to your routine activities. It’d be better to maintain your diet and weight after having the treatment done.

Through this treatment, you will be able to get a slim and smart body. Make sure to follow the pre and post-procedure instructions to get the desired results. Consult the experts in our clinic to confirm whether you are a good candidate or not. 

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