GPS Laser Liposuction:

Laser liposuction is the safest cosmetic procedure for enhancing body shaping goals. GPS laser liposuction in Dubai locates and eradicates fatty material with assistance with laser technology.

This advanced laser liposuction uses GPS tracking technology. GPS is the name of a device that plays an important role in the removal of fatty material from the body. The fat mapping device consists of a camera that contributes to identifying the location of fatty tissues. This technique demands more accuracy but is considered to be more effective than traditional liposuction as it clearly shows how much and where the laser beams are targeting the cells.

Results and Benefits:


The treatment takes about one to two weeks for delivering the best results. More quick results are achieved when liposuction is performed on the areas of the jaw and neck. Results are permanent and long-lasting when maintained thoroughly. Proper nutrition diet and regular exercise should be adapted for ensuring aesthetic outcomes for a lifetime. Patients come up with tight skin and no sagginess.


  • An effective and non-invasive technique
  • Results in significant skin tightening
  • Less painless with fast recovery time
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Helps in achieving slimmer body appearance
  • Gentler and safest than traditional liposuction

Who Is Candidate?

Pregnant women are not preferred to have this treatment. You can be selected for the candidacy of laser liposuction with GPS if:

  • You are medically fit and healthy
  • You truly expect positive outcomes
  • You have a bulgy-looking appearance
  • You are unpleased with prior liposuction
  • Your skin has good elasticity and flexibility
  • You stay away from smoking and alcoholic drinks

Aim of Treatment:

GPS laser liposuction is helping hundreds of people who desire to have aesthetic enhancement of the body and restoration of physical appearance. This cosmetic treatment involves the use of lasers with the aim of delivering a slim and well-contoured body when diet and exercise do not produce desired results. Laser energy is penetrated into the affected area for the removal of localized fat deposits.

Technique We Use:

Because of its less invasive nature, the procedure used does not cause severe pain. Laser energy is applied for about 10-20 minutes for liquefying the fatty tissues and cells.

  • Treatment starts with the application of local anesthesia to avoid discomfort.
  • Tiny incisions are positioned with the help of a medical tool.
  • The surgeon proceeds by inserting a hollow tube called a cannula into the skin layers through the incisions.
  • Following the technique, laser beams are transferred to the areas with excess fat pockets.
  • A cannula is moved with accuracy and precision in back and forth positions.
  • During this step, a GPS device helps the surgeon to map and locate targeted fat cells.
  • Heat energy released from laser beams undergoes liquefaction by melting the pockets of fats.
  • These fatty deposits are further sucked out and result in slimmer body contour.


People recover immediately because of their fast healing speed. They can come to their routine activities after a few days of the treatments. Comfortable and loose wearing is usually advised. If small areas are treated it takes about 2 days to recover. For larger areas, it might take a week for successful results. The treated area is usually bandaged for better healing. This helps in achieving proper body shape.

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