People undergo different cosmetic surgeries to increase their beauty level. For them, appearance is their major concern. Some of these surgeries are very complex and some are very simple. Dimple (gelasin) are small indentations that are formed because of differences in muscles and facial skin. Dimples enhance and brighten the smile. Smile with a dimple is more beautiful than a simple one.

In the past, only a few people were lucky enough to have dimple by birth but now anyone can have it. Dimple Creation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is an aesthetic surgery to create dimples in chin and cheeks. You can also undergo dimple creation surgery to deepen the existing dimples. Many people consider dimples as a sign of cuteness. The surgery allows you to fulfill your dream of having a beautiful smile. A small opening in cheek muscle gives rise to dimple creation. Royal cosmetic surgery is offering dimple creation surgery to the people who want to have a captivating smile.

Aim of the Treatment:

Not everyone in this world is born with dimples. Many people have a desire of having dimples so they undergo dimple creation surgery to get dimples on cheeks and chin.  The percentage of people undergoing dimple creation surgery is increasing day by day. Some people consider dimple as a sign of attractiveness and others consider it a sign of good luck.

In comparison with other cosmetic surgeries, it is a simpler procedure. You will be awake throughout the procedure requiring only 20 minutes. You will return home and can continue your daily activities on the day of the treatment. The shape, depth, and size of the created dimple will vary depending upon the balance of the facial muscles. Before undergoing the treatment consult properly with your doctor about the results, outcomes, and risks of the surgery.

Candidates of Surgery:

The procedure is suitable for both the genders and can be done on all the skin types (of any texture and tone). You are a candidate for the surgery if,

  • You are not experiencing any skin infection
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery
  • If you want to have a dimple on your cheek or chin
  • Healthy people are a good candidate of dimpleplasty.


A minimally invasive procedure requiring only to 20-25 minutes for creating natural-looking dimples. It is an outpatient procedure. The following steps are performed during the treatment.

  1. The procedure will be done under local anesthesia
  2. The surgeon will mark the area where the dimple will be placed
  3. A small opening will be made inside the mouth and the surgeon will create a scar in the dermis to form a natural-looking dimple.
  4. A small amount of muscle and fat is removed resulting in the creation of a dimple of about 2-3mm
  5. The cheek will be closed with dissolvable stitches
  6. You will be able to return to your normal activities after getting the surgery

Results and Benefits:

The procedure provides efficient and natural-looking results. Natural-looking dimples will be created without experiencing any pain. Through the procedure, you will be able to get

  • Permanent, natural-looking dimples
  • Helps in enhancing the smile
  • Increase confidence level and self-esteem
  • Minimally invasive technique with no downtime
  • Fast recovery with very few side-effects
  • The procedure is reversible
  • Few chances of infection


Because it is a very simple procedure, therefore, recovery time is very short. You will be able to get back to your routine activities on the same day after getting the procedure. Swelling and bruising may occur on the treated area don’t worry it is normal, they will fade away in 2 or 3 days. If you feel any pain or discomfort using only prescribed medications.

Side Effects and Complications:

It is the fact that all the surgeries have some side effects too. They can be minor or major. Dimpleplasty Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a simple procedure with very few side effects. These include

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Infection

You may encounter some complications too such as unsatisfactory results, bleeding, etc. Sometimes after the surgery, the dimple will appear on your face even when you are not smiling. This is normal it will be settled down in a few days.

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