Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai:

Hair is a tiny protein secured in the hair follicle. When hair possesses the thinning property, hair loss starts. Hair passes through three different stages: growth, rest, renewal. You will require a healthy scalp for the healthy growth of follicles.

Thinning hair refers to a reduced hair density that results in baldness and sometimes in small patches on the head. The good thing about this is that it gets worse slowly and gradually which means it provides you enough time to treat it. Hair loss is a natural process that happens with age. When you get older, the roots of the hair start losing their strength and also the hair becomes thinner because of a significant reduction in the amount of hair fiber protein. The blood that is circulating in the body is responsible for delivering vitamins and minerals to these follicles. Any lack of nutrients makes the fibers weak and breakable. But keep this in mind that age is not the only factor that causes hair loss. Misbalanced hormones, stress, pregnancy, diseases, scalp infections, blood deficiency, and improper diet can also root it.

Causes of Hair Loss:

Hair loss can occur because of genetics, infections, stress, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and pregnancy, etc. Few of them are listed below;

  1. Genetics:

Genetics is one of the most common causes of hair loss. It is a natural condition caused by a combination of genetics. Women usually experience this condition more than a man. The average age for hair loss is 20 to 30 but they occur more in women’s menopause known as androgenetic alopecia and in man it is known as male pattern baldness. So, you can blame your parents if you are experiencing hair loss problem because of genetics.

  1. Insufficient Nutrients:

Your body requires carbohydrates, iron, and proteins that have nutrients that help in maintaining the fuller head of hair. Deficiency of iron is one of the leading causes of hair loss. You could take iron supplements to overcome hair loss. Similarly, a lack of vitamin D is also causing hair loss that can be treated by sufficient sun explosion or by taking vitamin D containing medications. A wide intake of Vitamin A is also another reason causing hair loss. Deficiency of Copper, Zinc, and amino acids also play a vital role in hair loss.

  1. Extreme Stress:

Hair loss and stress are related to each other. Hair loss caused by stress is not permanent. As you get your stress controlled your hair loss will stop. If you start noticing sudden hair loss while combing or washing your hair, talk to your surgeon.

  1. Pregnancy:

During pregnancy, women’s hair gets thicker due to the increased number of hormones. After delivery women’s hormones return to their original state and thus leading to hair loss problems.

Some other causes include;

  • Medications
  • Weight loss
  • Use of chemicals
  • Excessive use of blood thinners

Hair Loss Treatment:

Generally, People experience hair loss when they reach their 30’s but what if they start losing them way earlier? There are many treatment options available for them in order to get rid of this problem.


At the initial stages of hair loss, medications are considered as the first option. Medications including over the counter products, ointments and gels are recommended to apply to the affected area of the scalp. These medications include Finasteride, Minoxidil also known as Rogaine. They can restore hair growth to some extent.

Hair Transplant:

Permanent hair loss usually causes pattern baldness in which only the top area of the head is affected. In hair restorations and  Hair transplant Dubai only you’re remaining existing hair is utilized effectively. In its procedure, the cosmetic surgeon carefully removes patches of skin from the backside of the head depending upon the technique which he will use. Most widely used techniques include,

  • FUE
  • FUT

The patch will contain a group of hairs. After this step, the hair follicles are extracted from them. Small incisions are created in the balding area in which extracted follicles are implanted carefully. Some surgeons recommend Rogain after the procedure to minimize the hair loss. This procedure usually requires more than one session to get the desired result.

Scalp Reduction:

A surgical procedure in which the balding area on the scalp is reduced. It sometimes eliminates the need for the balding area. In this technique, from the sides of the head, The skin (containing hairs) is moved and stitched on to the top of the head i-e on the balding area.

Laser Therapy:

To control male and female pattern baldness low-level laser treatment is an option. It stimulates and energizes the cells of the hair follicles thus improving hair density. A low-level laser device is used in this procedure.

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