Zoom Teeth Whitening Clinic Dubai Teeth Whitening Price & Cost

A perfect smile is more than just perfectly aligned teeth. Confidence and charm are always a plus one, but what about the discoloration? Whether you have pale or gray stains from smoking or excessively drinking alcohol or coffee, we can help! We understand a beautiful and bright smile has a luminous impact on your personality. And to keep it that way, you need to see your dentist more often. If you are considering choosing the best place for the best outcomes. Read about; Zoom Teeth Whitening Clinic Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah and find out how Zoom Teeth Whitening In Dubai works to give you the picture-perfect smile.

What Is Zoom Whitening?

This is a Cosmetic treatment that works like a charm. The aim of this procedure is to eliminate the discoloration and target the dentin stuck all across the mouth. Furthermore, the special LED device drawn on top is the Zoom treatment that has the power to safely lighten the enamel. This means even those who are experiencing mild to medium sensitivity issues could also opt for this method without feeling any discomfort. The active agents used as topical treatments will produce effective outcomes within two to three sessions. Hence, you will notice four to five shades of improvement in your radiant smile.

Where Can You Get The Best Results Possible?

At Enfield Royal Clinic, we offer our top medical services including a wide range of Dental Care. Our board-certified Orthodontists and Endodontists are well-experienced professionals who perform successful procedures using our state-of-the-art technology and advanced equipment. Our goal is to provide you with the best aesthetic results according to your preferences and pocket.

How Is The Method Performed?

This is a non-invasive method to brighten up your smile. Below is a brief information about the procedure;

  • Your Dentist will deeply clean your entire mouth and apply a protective gel on the gums to prevent any irritation.
  • The next step is to apply a special hydrogen peroxide formula that will whiten the pale or gray tones of your teeth. 
  • The whitening agent is left on for the required time period. After which, an LED Light is drawn on top to lock the sparkling effects. 
  • This process is going to take another 10 to 15 minutes. So altogether the entire duration is estimated rounding about a good one hour’s time. 
  • In the end, the device and applied gel are cleared away. You are given some mouthwash to rinse off your mouth. 
  • The last step is to check you in for another appointment. This process is repeated until you reach your desired goals. Or you can take away the kit and follow the routine in the comfort of your home.

What Are The Benefits To Look Forward To?

We gathered some finest benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening In Dubai. Read and explore the effects it has on your facial profile;

  • It is a quick and easy method to upgrade the overall appearance of your face and smile in particular. 
  • You can talk and laugh out loud without feeling conscious about yourself. In fact, your charming smile will draw attention to everyone around you.
  • Another happy fact is that it is not an expensive treatment. It is a completely budget-friendly method to brighten the shine of your teeth.
  • On top of that, you will also experience an improved self-esteem. This will have positive impacts on your mood as well.
  • Moreover, your dental health is going to excel and your gums are getting stronger. As a result, your teeth will be empowered too.
  • Furthermore, there is no downtime to worry about. You can get on with the treatments and go back to your tasks for the day. 
  • Candidates find it pleasing to be able to self-facilitate themselves at home. And you can even travel with the kit and prolong the shine of your sumptuous smile. 
  • And finally, this is one of the safest methods to practice. There are no side effects to worry about. Nor will cause any sensitivity or irritation to the enamel or gums.

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