Your Roadmap To General Gynecology In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

There are medical treatments and procedures for every diagnosed disease or dermal issue. But when it comes to woman’s personal health regarding their reproductive system, even ladies seems to be quiet about this matter. The case is otherwise, there is no shame in talking about one’s sexual life and concerns about the upcoming outcomes. And to make sure your secrets are well protected in the right hands, we are offering you; General Gynecology In Dubai. Read about; Your Roadmap To General Gynecology In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Who Is A Gynecologist?

He/She is a board-certified specialist in the field of women’s health. Their specifications are adequate knowledge regarding females’ internal body functions and other problems that could be hiding or on the horizon. A Gynecologist is also responsible for educating you on reproductive health and analogy. From early periods to pelvic pain or other disorders due to miscarriage or menopause. Any woman of any age can seek medical consultancy and treatments from this professional healthcare provider.

How Do They Help You?

  • These specialists are well-educated in the field of internal reproductive systems and sexual health. Since, there is no age restriction to seek medical care, whether you have concerns about your early and current puberty issues. There are difficulties with menstruation or menopause, women of all ages can consult a Gynecologist for special care and screening of their private health.
  • Moreover, it is highly recommended to opt for the professional’s help during pregnancy and post-pregnancy to prevent any mishaps or serious mishaps. Detailed monitoring can be done to check the pulse rate of the fetus. And scan the position of the infant at the time of the delivery.
  • Anyone in need of sexual guidance can also reach out for help. There are compulsory vaccinations and other oral medications that are prescribed to the candidates to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. And for those, who wish to stay in a healthy relationship with their partners or spouses.

What Happens During The Check-Up Sessions?

We perform different tests and procedures to check up on your health. Below is a general information about the process;

  • A few blood tests are performed to assess your overall health. Meanwhile, we discuss your sexual and menstrual health.
  • For better monitoring, a pap smear examination is also held to double-check your vaginal health. 
  • You are prescribed a few medications. These could be for birth control or a gap year between a child or two.
  • Furthermore, you can opt for an ultrasound during your pregnancy. However, the same scanning can be performed for anyone struggling with pelvic pain due to period cramps or sexual intercourse.
  • The entire procedure takes an hour; more or less. However, there is no downtime to any analysis that is performed at the office. 
  • In the end, you are given guidance about aftercare practices. And re-checked in for a follow-up session in the near future.

What Are The Key Benefits For Me?

We gathered some happy facts about General Gynecology In Dubai. Read and explore the perks in store for you;

  • You get to educate yourself about your private health. And make personal decisions such as; freezing your eggs for the future.
  • Candidates find it astonishing to be able to keep a record of their fertility. This way, you can plan your family on your own time. 
  • Any underlying problems related to ovaries or other cancerous effects can also be detected in this analysis.
  • Ladies who are active in sexual intercourse can keep themselves updated about sexual health. There are vaccinations and other medications to keep you protected from specific intercourse-related diseases.
  • First-time mothers can seek complete guidance about their pregnancy or fetus formation in the early stages. 
  • Similarly, any early complications can also be traced during this treatment. Therefore, the health of both mother and infant can be safeguarded with the help of this detailed analysis and in-office tests.
  • Young girls who start off with menstrual cycles can also seek help if they happen to be struggling with heavy flow or hormonal imbalance.
  • Furthermore, women who going through menopause can seek special care and assistance regarding their hormonal changes.

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