Will Sculptra Lumps Go Away in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Over a period of time, your skin gets older and loses all its volume. The skin gets sagged and promotes the development of many aging signs. People lose their facial mass and began to look older than their actual age. They yearn for procedures that can make them youthful. Sculptra is one of the most popular derma fillers that is performed worldwide. It is a fruitful procedure and is done to regain skin elasticity and firmness. But the major problem of Sculptra is that it causes lumps in the skin. People want to know  Will Sculptra Lumps Go Away in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah permanently. You can get detailed information by consulting an expert skin specialist. 

What is Sculptra?

It is a type of biodegradable derma filler that is composed of synthetic polymer. This polymer is named PLLA which is a derivative of the alpha hydroxy acid family. It is a large polymer that is made up of small monomers such as poly L lactic acid. This procedure is introduced and is effective for treating all facial deep facial loans on body areas. It combats all the aging signs and is used for various purposes. Sculptra is done for treating neck and facial wrinkles, and skin sagginess. It gives volume to your body and also plays role in the buttocks. Besides this, it is also useful for removing all the cellulite on the skin and restoring the original body volume.


This is an innovative procedure that is now popular all over the world. The process of sculptra varies from person to person. It mainly depends upon the amount of collagen in the skin. The extent of skin sagginess. It is mainly done in the following way

The doctor first injects local anesthesia into the area to avoid pain and discomfort. Then a solution of Sculptra is injected into the dermis of the skin with the help of injections. The number of injections can vary depending on the age, skin thinning, and formation of wrinkles on the face and neck. 

It is a non-surgical procedure that smooths away all the treated areas that have low layers of skin underneath. This procedure is multi-functioned that address all your skin issues along with combating all aging signs. The injection of filler in the skin triggers collagen production in the skin. It makes the skin firm, and smooth and makes it free from all lumps and bumps.


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Body Areas Injected by Sculptra:

These injections are well suited to get installed in different body areas. Mainly the skin suffering from low collagen levels or has a noticeable appearance of wrinkles or lines is appreciably treated by Sculptra. The facial areas such as jawlines, cheeks, chin, forehead, and neck region are perfectly suitable for this treatment. It fastens the skin rejuvenating process and makes the skin lifted and tight. 

Besides facial areas, it also restores the volume of other body areas such as arms and upper knees. It also reduces the cellulite on the hip region and thighs. 

Will Lumps go Away?

The lumps formed by Sculptra go away naturally. It dissolves in eth skin due to the hyaluronidase enzyme. Sometimes if they do not fade naturally they can be treated in various ways. You can make an incision and remove that lump or nodule. 


It is a delicate procedure that requires certain precautions for faster treatment is done… Following are some general aftercare measures such as

  • It is normal that you will feel bruising or bleeding at the injection site. Use cold ice packs to minimize swelling and redness.
  • Do not touch the treated area to prevent the risk of infection.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Avoid exposing your skin directly to the sun.
  • Use sunscreen when going out.
  • Do not bleach, shave, or wax for at least two weeks after treatment.
  • Apply any moisturizer or ointment if suggested by the doctor regularly. It will promote your healing process. 

What to Expect:

It requires little agony but gives us long-lasting results. The results are natural looking and you can increase its longevity by following aftercare measures. The person can feel pain, bruising, or redness at the injection site. These are all side effects that occur after giving injections but they will subside within a couple of days. The results of this procedure are so satisfying and amazing that you will forget all the pain and discomfort. 

What is the Recovery Time?

There is no downtime during this treatment. The person can get to his normal activities immediately after getting injections. You will get complete results after approximately six weeks. The results are long-lasting and probably last for up to 2 years. The time period can be increased by proper aftercare.

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