Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Tooth decay is common in older and in younger both as well as it is mostly found in kids. Which got spread a long way into the tooth and in the surrounding teeth. To get rid of this the only solution is tooth extraction and a root canal. When people went to the dentist’s office the most preferred and advised procedure is a root canal by the dentist so the question is Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? A detailed answer to this question is given in this below-mentioned blog to let you be aware of this procedure and the need for it.

Why Do We Need It?

When dental X-rays reveal that the pulp has been harmed by a bacterial infection, root canal therapy is required. If the pulp has a bacterial infection, the inflammation may cause the germs to grow and spread. The following are signs of a pulp infection:

  • discomfort while consuming hot or cold food or beverages 
  • discomfort when biting or chewing a loose tooth

These signs generally go away as the pulp dies as the infection worsens. The infection then seems to have disappeared from your tooth, but it has really moved to the root canal system. Later, you develop other symptoms like:

  • a swollen cheek or jaw, 
  • swelling of the gums nearby the afflicted tooth, 
  • pus leaking from the affected tooth, 
  • and pain when biting or chewing that returns

How it is Done?

Following are some crucial steps taken in order to have a successful root canal procedure:

  • To detect the amount of infection in the surrounding bone and to view the morphology of the root canals, the dentist first takes an X-ray.
  • To alleviate pain, local anesthesia is applied to the area surrounding the tooth. To stop saliva from collecting around the tooth, a rubber dam, or sheet of rubber, is used.
  • The dentist then uses specialized instruments to drill an access hole in the tooth. Utilizing specialized equipment, the injured nerve and pulp tissue are removed.
  • In some circumstances, a temporary infill is used to keep the area safe while contaminated material drains.
  • In order to prevent root canal pain until you receive your custom crown, the dentist seals the tooth after the infectious material has been removed. The decaying material was removed from the root canal and replaced with a rubber compound. The entryway has been sealed.
  • To treat pain, your dentist will either apply a crown, a filling, or another technique. For proper drainage, the tooth may occasionally be left exposed. In


This procedure is done for the reason of getting relieved from all dental illnesses which is not a cosmetic procedure that is why it is not wrong to say that this procedure is a set of advantages which include:

  • It relieves you from pain by cleaning all the cavities which went inside the roots.
  • The removal of these damaged nerves by root canal therapy allows you to resume enjoying your favorite meals, which is a major advantage of the surgery.
  • The basic aim of the procedure is to save your decayed tooth not to remove it in order to maintain a natural-looking smile.
  • The procedure is quick and easy as it does not involve a long surgical duration procedure it can be done in a single day by an expert dentist.
  • One significant advantage of having a root canal is that it strives to save as much of your natural tooth as possible, allowing you to keep enjoying all of your favorite foods.


After discovering Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi the other question rise is the Cost of a Root Canal? According to an estimate, the cost may range around AED 1999 to AED 4999 depending upon multiple factors such as the clinic’s standards which include the level, reputation, success rate, number of doctors, the expertise of the doctors, qualification of the dentists, and many others. Get your consultation for free with us to know the exact cost in accordance with your condition.

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