Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Despite their size, teeth have a rather complex structure. They consist of the visible part, the crown, which rises above the gum, and the inner the root, which is located in the gum. At the same time, inside the tooth there is a so-called pulp a bundle of blood vessels and nerves that fills the root canal of the tooth. Thus, the root canals of the teeth are a small cavity inside the tooth, in which the venous and arterial vessels and nerve fibers are located. The treatment is just the same treatment of the internal cavities of the teeth, namely, most often the area occupied by the nerve endings, or pulp.

Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment?

The answer to the question Why Do We Need Root Canal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Is that diseases such as caries, pulpitis and periodontitis can lead to root canal diseases. Usually, during the treatment of such diseases of the teeth, a cavity is formed in the root canals. Any open cavity in the teeth can lead to serious consequences. This is primarily due to the fact that food particles can get into the voids, which will begin to rot over time. With rotting, microbes are formed, and after them, infections. Infections, in turn, lead to serious inflammation, which must be eliminated again so that they do not cause abscesses. The resulting cavity must be closed with the help of filling substances. 

How are Root Canals Treated?

Root canal treatment consists in removing the nerve bundle from the pulp chamber and further filling the canal. The procedure seems simple, but there are some peculiarities.

Anesthesia must be performed immediately before treatment, as the procedure can be quite painful. After the anesthesia has worked, it is necessary to get to the pulp chamber, for which the tooth is drilled with a drill.

When the pulp chamber has become accessible with a special tool – a pulp extractor – a bundle of nerve endings is removed, freeing the weed from the inflamed pulp. It would seem that immediately after this you can seal.

However, the resulting cavity is so thin that it is not technically possible to seal it. To do this, it is increased in size with the help of special tools of different diameters, resembling small files.

After increasing the size of the cavity of the root canals, they must be treated with anesthetics so that the infection does not get in, and sealed with a special material – gutta-percha.

In some cases, after filling, pins are installed in the cavity of the root canals for more reliable fixation of the crowns installed later.

Recommendations After the Procedure:

For some time after the procedure of root canal treatment, pain may occur, more often associated with a mechanical effect on the tooth – for example, during meals. This is quite normal. The action of anesthesia ends, the body begins to respond to artificial intervention. To avoid discomfort, you can take painkillers of various strengths, depending on the strength of the pain. 

With swelling after the procedure, ice can be applied to the outside of the cheek from the side of the treated tooth.

If the pain does not go away within a few days or, even worse, intensifies, you should immediately consult a doctor to avoid even more complications.

The Takeaway !

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