Why Choose Royal For Hair Transplant in Dubai Price & Cost

Plunging on a follicle restoration journey is a remarkable decision, and choosing a proper Clinic for this innovative process requires a higher level of care for its valuable clients. Why Choose Royal For Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is an inquiry of concern here. We emphasize individual and customized care with one-on-one appointment sessions to determine your specific requirements and respective diagnoses. Our strategies are built on translucent pricing, which guarantees precision and security throughout your implantation journey. We are a trusted Hair Restoration Clinic In Dubai. So step forward to achieve your aesthetic goals and redeem your chance to experience a first-class treatment with outstanding transformation.

Aim Of The Treatment:

An intrusive medical procedure that requires a combination of extraction and implantation to re-locate follicles to upgrade the health of your scalp. In addition to this, it works very well for patients who are facing baldness due to their family history. To learn more about the best possible solutions you need to visit the clinic that provides top-notch services to achieve the desired outcome. 

Why Choose Us?

To get the ideal service, you need to understand the factors that can influence choosing the right place. We will list some of the factors below:

  • We provide free of cost consultation services to those seeking medical advice. 
  • International clients need not worry about the language barrier. We have both English and Arabic-speaking staff available to cater to your needs. 
  • Positive and encouraging reviews from previous patients can be a significant factor in assessing the credibility of the hospital. We are blessed with great feedback in the field of hair implantation.
  • A highly qualified and experienced medical team in this field will make sure to complete the process smoothly. Our team is a combination of skilled and talented doctors, technicians, and staff.
  • We have performed hundreds plus surgeries that make us a great contender in this realm. 
  • Advanced technology and special instruments are required to increase the trustworthiness of the healthcare institution. At our health center, we have cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art instruments. 
  • The consultation process should be clear, here effective communication is made mandatory. 
  • A legal institution will always put forward the needs of its valuable clients. Hence, we ensure a transparent and clear pricing plan.
  • We maintain a before and after portfolio of the patients. So that you can see the visible differences and understand what you can expect after this surgery.
  • We are located in the heart of the city, ensuring an easy-to-find destination for treating hair loss problems. 
  • Strict adherence to ethical SOPs is ensured here. We believe that our patients are our valuable assets and we treat them with tender love and care.

Types Of Procedures At Our Clinic:

We offer numerous methods that are both surgical and non-surgical. 

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation: A strip of skin from the donor area is removed, and implanted in the affected area
  • Follicular Unit Extraction: In this technique, individual hair follicles are extracted and transplanted. 
  • Direct Hair Implant: It involves the use of pen-like equipment to transplant the hair.
  • Robotic Hair Transplant: In this system, robotic equipment assists in the implantation process. 
  • Stem Cells Therapy: To boost collagen for the restoration of new healthy follicles to form a healthy hairline.

Book A Free Consultation:

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