Who Does A Hair Transplant Surgery in Dubai Dr. Sannia Awais

In the dynamic world of cosmetic procedures, the hunt for beautification has led us to explore the science behind hair implantation. When you’re opting for the implantation, you need to find the ideal specialist who is a master of art in this field. To further enlighten details about Who Does A Hair Transplant Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Read more to explore more information about hair restoration techniques and tactics we are offering at the clinic. Discover more details about Hair Specialists In Dubai and choose the best trichologist for you.


A study that involves studying the hair and scalp conditions and finding ways to enhance them. It covers the underlying reasons, full diagnosis, and treatment of different problems. It is a multi-dimensional field that combines Dermatology and Endocrinology to provide extensive care.

Transplant Surgeons:

Experts who have in-depth knowledge of hair and skull anatomy are known as Trichiatrists. The surgeons work on issues like restoring hairline, treating damaged follicles, breakage or split ends, as well as oily crowns, and Psoriasis. 


Advanced procedures are specially designed for the pattern of baldness and hair shedding. Two mainly performed techniques are FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant), and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). Other common methods include Robotic Hair transplants, PRP therapy, etc. Your surgeon will properly examine your general health, and ongoing problems along with other medical requirements before determining the best suitable option for you. 

Reasons To Visit:

At times we face a medical condition and wonder if it’s normal or serious. Check if you are experiencing any of the causes mentioned below:

  • A bald pattern in males or females.
  • Shedding or breakage.
  • Alopecia.


A hair transplant requires an effective collaboration among the professionals which includes:

  • An experienced surgeon.
  • Latest techniques and advanced tools.
  • A team of nurses.

Guidelines To Choose The Right Surgeon:

Follow the guidelines to learn how to select the best surgeon for you:

  • The surgeon must be board-certified by the medical board. Check their qualification and certifications.
  • Look if they have taken various courses and have any special training or not.
  • Inquire about how many patients they have treated before. The more positive reviews, the better.
  • Inquire about the treatments to understand if the services are advanced and top-notch.
  • Check if they are using modern and sanitized equipment and technology.
  • Make sure all the SOPs are being followed at the clinic. A clean and sterilized environment is very important for medical therapies.
  • The pricing policy should be transparent. You need to discuss the payment strategies beforehand to avoid any scams. 
  • Ask for the post-care instructions. You can confirm the doctor’s commitment here, and see if he’s engaging or not.
  • Take referrals or recommendations from your family, or friends who have gone through the respective session. 

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