Whiteheads Removal Treatment In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Whiteheads are like a killing issue for men and women as they not only affect your beauty but can be dangerous for you as well. Whiteheads are like bumps containing sebum, or dead cells. The bad thing about them is that their opening is always found clogged on the skin white they remain filled from the inside. If you are facing issues regarding whiteheads and blackheads then play your best to prevent them but do not squeeze them or if they do not go away then you can consult us to know in detail about Whiteheads Removal Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Whitehead Causes:

You’ll be better able to stop whiteheads from appearing if you are more aware of what is producing them (pun intended). Whiteheads are mostly caused by blocked pores.

  • Hormonal shifts can increase the quantity of sebum (also known as oil) that your pores generate, which is a common cause of clogged pores. A whitehead develops when too much oil is trapped in a small hole. Pregnancy, menstruation, and puberty are the typical times for this to occur.
  • Progesterone-containing birth control methods could possibly be at blame. Your hormone levels may rise as a result of these contraceptives, resulting in a rash of pimples all over your face.
  • There is a significant probability that you will get whiteheads if your parents or siblings did.
  • Additionally, recent research has linked stress to worsening acne. If you’ve seen a few additional whiteheads popping up when feeling particularly tense and nervous, it can be your body’s reaction to emotional upheaval.

How to Prevent Them:

The following are the best tips to prevent the formation of whiteheads:

  • Do not squeeze or burst blackheads. Instead, use a gentle scrape to remove the top layer of dead skin and lessen blackheads.
  • Use water-based, oil-free skincare and makeup products.
  • Get adequate sleep and take time for yoga, meditation, or exercise to help you unwind.
  • Limit foods that might increase the creation of extra oil, which results in blackheads. Obtain a lot of fresh produce and fruits.
  • To remove pollutants, wash your face twice a day with a light cleanser and a gently exfoliating scrub. Every day, apply sunscreen with a gel base.


A number of treatments are available to treat whiteheads some of them are mentioned here to let you find the best one suited to you:

  • Skin Care:

Basically, skin care is the best treatment done for the purpose of dealing with whiteheads, you must have to cleanse the skin by first putting a hot towel on the whiteheads to let the pores open and then cleanse the pores with a dermatologist-recommended cleanser.

  • MicroNeedling:

In this procedure, a platelet-rich plasma is placed on the face and a derma roller with micro-needles is rolled over the skin. This procedure helps out in 2 ways; first, it removes the topmost dead skin which opens the pores and cleans out all the sebum or dead cells in it, secondly, the PRP solution helps in treating the damaged skin cells and lets the body heal itself for a flawless, pore-free skin.

  • Chemical Peel:

This procedure involves the application of a chemical solution over the skin which helps in removing the dead cells and also opens the pores to cleanse. Also, shrink the skin in order to tighten the pores at last.

  • Hydra Facial:

This is a buddle treatment which is also known as 4 in 1 procedure due to its efficient help in cleansing, exfoliating, scrubbing, and at last, hydrating the skin. The main product used in this procedure is Salicylic Acid which is known as a great fighter against whiteheads and acne.

Take Away!

Do not damage your skin by popping your white heads at home which will leave scars behind and badly affect your looks. Get a consultation with our expert dermatologists and know which is the best treatment for you. Or you can have your queries cleared with us regarding Whiteheads Removal Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah by filling out the form mentioned below.