Which Weight Loss Surgery Is The Cheapest In Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Human individuals have always been interested in attaining a perfect and aesthetically beautified look for themselves. In doing so they have been trying to follow a lot of alternatives that will be helpful in attaining their goal, like keeping an eye on the changing trends along with adopting the innovative procedures which are used for weight loss in Dubai, the individuals try to go with every way possible to attain their perfect goal.

In the contemporary era when the world has been immensely involved in innovative ideas and research, it is not difficult to discover the existence of Which Weight Loss Surgery Is The Cheapest In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Among all the other possible options for the surgical procedure, the Gastric Bypass In Dubai, and the Gastric Balloon In Dubai are preferred by individuals in order to resolve their specified concerns.

What Is The Difference Between A Gastric Balloon And A Bypass?

Gastric Balloon Treatment:

The treatment of gastric balloons is pretty much simple and precise while almost holding as such no negative consequences. The treatment provides a full-time sensation to the patient of having a full stomach which helps the individual to not proceed with the further intake of food. By doing so the individuals are able to temporarily quit or pause the consumption of food. This method of treatment is for individuals who want to get rid of the extra weight along with having control of their dietary patterns. Which is also helpful for maintaining,  mental and physical health. 

Gastric Bypass Treatment:

Though the treatment of gastric bypass is as simple as gastric balloon treatment, this is a duplicate procedure that is mostly adopted by individuals who need to have a comparatively quick outcome. For the individuals who are not satisfied with the progress attained by following the pattern of exercise and diet plans. The patient should have a strong obsession with weight loss and is capable to stick to the procedure of treatment. However, it is also preferred that the individual who wants to commence with the procedure of treatment should not be affected by any physical or health hazard. 

Cost of Weight Loss Surgery:

As per going with the universal flow and idea of “nothing comes for free”, both of these treatments have their own remuneration amount that is to be paid. The cost for gastric balloon treatment is approximately ranging in between AED 13,500 to AED 19,999, but the exact cost will be decided merely depending on the health and treatment.


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The procedure of Weight Loss Surgery: 

There are multiple types of procedures that are proceeded while taking the expectations, goals, and health conditions into account. The treatment of gastric balloons is embarked on with the procedures of orbera and obalon and ellipse or allurion.

Procedure for Ellipse or Allurion:

  • The process of this treatment is nonsurgical.
  • A capsule-shaped thread-lifted is swallowed by the patient, along with the support of water.
  • When it reaches the stomach its location is adjusted with the help of x-ray monitoring.  
  • The patient has suggested an intake of water which inflates the balloon.

Procedure for Orbera and Obalon:

  • This one too is a non-surgical procedure.
  • The balloon is made sure to stay with the stomach for six months to a year or more.
  • It is also capable to get decomposed within six months.
  • The rest of the procedure is similar to an endoscope.  

Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery: 

Numerous amount of benefits can be attained by having the treatment of gastric balloons in Dubai, however, some of them are mentioned below.

  • The treatment does not include any kind of hustle which include surgery.
  • It is also a noninvasive procedure followed to treat the patients.
  • There is an almost nonexisting or minimalist threat or risk for side effects during the treatment.
  • As a non-surgical treatment, the individuals are saved from the presence of scars and sutures on the skin.
  • The procedure does not include any kind of hectic physical exercises. It just relies on the check and balances of the diet plan.
  • The individual is expected to proceed with this treatment either for the sake of cosmetic or medical issues.

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