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Acne can be effectively treated with facial laser therapy, which also exfoliates the skin and cleans pores. Skin becomes vibrant and clear. One of the most efficient ways to cure facial skin is with laser therapy. A laser can be used for both preventive cleansing and the treatment of active forms of acne. CO2, Magic3, and Palomar Icon laser procedures are the most prevalent today.

The employment of two different fractional lasers, erbium and carbon dioxide, is a feature of both laser resurfacing and laser peeling techniques (CO2). Both methods encourage cellular skin regeneration. The depth of influence is where there is a fundamental difference. The laser beam only penetrates up to 30 microns when in the peeling mode, but between 100 and 150 microns when in the grinding mode. The price and number of sessions for each approach can vary.

Laser Peeling:

Which Laser Treatment is Best for Glowing Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Laser peeling can be the best option to get beautiful and glowing skin. The procedure of this process is:

Laser the deeper layers of the skin are reached by the laser beam during laser peeling (up to 50 microns). The basic idea behind laser peeling is to use a laser beam to remove the topmost layers of skin while heating the deeper tissues. This causes the relief to be smoothed and the tissues to be tightened. The removal of old cells, stimulation of new skin cell growth and regeneration, and activation of the creation of collagen and elastin fibers strengthen the structure of the skin and produce a lifting effect. The recovery period lasts for around 3-5 days and is followed by a small reddening of the skin; 2-3 days following the operation, skin peeling begins; and after 5–6 days, the skin returns to its natural color and any noticeable flaws are gone. The results endure between eight and twelve months, depending on the state of the skin before the surgery.

What are the Effects of this Treatment?

How laser peeling works:

  • The skin heals considerably more quickly than after Fardel, and all of the protective features of the epidermis are kept following the procedure. One day is the maximum recuperation time. Collagen continues to be actively produced throughout the month.
  • The deeper skin layers respond favorably to fractional laser peeling. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other abrasive skin-cleansing procedures can thin the skin when used frequently. While laser peeling has the exact opposite effect on the dermis.
  • Following the surgery, the skin’s deep layers thicken, its structural integrity is preserved, and the microrelief is enhanced.

Laser Resurfacing:

Which Laser Treatment is Best for Glowing Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. See for yourself, after reading the procedure:

By simultaneously heating deep skin structures and removing skin down to the basement membrane, deep dermal regeneration is triggered during laser resurfacing.

The healing process takes 12 to 14 days, during which the skin seems intensely and persistently sunburned before a superficial eschar develops and falls off on its own after approximately 1-2 weeks.

What are the Advantages of This Treatment?

  • Strong anti-aging impact;
  • The potential for extensive terrain rectification;
  • When applying for a course, the influence lasts for several years.

What Results to Expect?

After a series of laser treatments, the skin becomes more evenly relieved, and aging-related alterations and flaws vanish:

  • The skin’s suppleness and smoothness return,
  • Good complexion develops,
  • Deep wrinkles and protruding pores are diminished,
  • Complete eradication of hyperpigmentation.

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