Which Laser Hair Removal is Best for Black Skin in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Depending on the patient’s skin type, laser hair removal may or may not be successful. Up until recently, a man with a white complexion and black, non-coarse hair was the perfect patient for the treatment.

Thanks to contemporary breakthrough technology even those with a very dark complexion may afford high-quality hair removal without running any risk to their health. But Which Laser Hair Removal is Best for Black Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Laser Hair Removal and Skin Types:

According to an American dermatologist, the presence of melanin in the skin has a major role in determining the characteristics of UV radiation. The amount of this pigment determines how susceptible skin is to sunburn. The Fitzpatrick scale, which divides all humans into six phototypes, has been utilized in cosmetology for many years.

Phototype I count those with fair, delicate complexion, light to red hair, and blue or light gray eyes. Tanning is not recommended for those with this type of epidermal cell due to the low melanin content; nevertheless, hyperpigmentation poses no harm to them either. Despite being more prone to sunburns, persons with the second phototype have somewhat more melanin in their skin.

The most prevalent dark-skinned European phototype, those with the third phototype have pale cream skin tones that seldom burn in the sun. Dark complexion, dark hair, and dark eyes are characteristics of the IV-VI phototype. These three varieties have melanin-rich skin that never burns in the sun and that penetrates quite deeply.

The first requirement for the therapy is the accurate identification of skin type. Since the doctor adjusts the laser device’s parameters following the phototype, this indication tells us how safe the surgery will be.


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Laser Dark Skin: Not Every Laser is Safe:

Since there were few devices available for the treatment and they had restricted capabilities, it was previously thought to be difficult to perform the treatment on the skin of IV-VI phototypes.

The so-called ruby laser was the first hair removal instrument. With a wavelength of around 700 nm, this gadget essentially cannot detect even black hairs on slightly creamy skin. Due to the significant risk of burns, ruby is not feasible on dark skin.

The alexandrite laser may be used to eliminate hair on pale skin that ranges in color from dark blond to darker thanks to its extended wavelength (755nm). This laser leaves burns after epilating on skin that is dark and swarthy.

An example of longwave radiation is a neodymium laser (1064nm). Melanin does not absorb it. The blood arteries around the hair follicle’s oxyhemoglobin respond to it as much as they can. The nourishment of the hair is disrupted, and it dies when this component is heated. Neodymium frequently results in issues with skin vasculature since the laser beam penetrates the epidermis deeply.

Solving the Problem of Hair Removal on Tanned Skin:

The most popular types of lasers in modern cosmetology for treatment are ruby (694 nm), alexandrite (755 nm), diode (808 nm), and neodymium (1064 nm). But Which Laser Hair Removal is best for Black Skin Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Due to the significant danger of burns, using a ruby laser to remove hair,from dark skin is strongly advised. Although the alexandrite laser’s wavelength is longer than the ruby laser’s, which broadens its application, the risk of burns still exists, especially for skin phototypes V-VI. Sadly, although having a longer wavelength than the alexandrite laser, the diode laser is even less effective in removing hair from dark skin due to its low photoselective.

A neodymium laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm is the best instrument for shaving dark skin. Because melanin is poorly absorbed by it, skin cells are also poorly absorbed by its long-wave radiation. Such radiation neither produces brilliant spots nor, most, results in burns. But how does it eliminate the follicles after that?

Oxyhemoglobin, which is present in the blood of the capillaries feeding the bulb, serves as a neodymium laser’s chromophore. Although this method solved the problem of hair removal on dark skin, it also introduced a new issue: the possibility of damaging the blood vessels feeding the dermis. Therefore, it is essential to carefully regulate the radiation’s penetration depth to prevent adverse effects, which is made possible by next-generation neodymium lasers.

So the answer to the question Which Laser Hair Removal is best for Black Skin Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Is the Nd: YAG Dynamic solid-state laser the best option for the treatment? To ensure that the light energy reaches the hair follicle and the blood vessels that nourish it, its beam safely penetrates the epidermis.

The Takeaway

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