Which Hair Transplant Surgery Is Best in Dubai Price & Cost

Hair transplant is very common now a day but the question is Which Hair Transplant Surgery Is Best in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah as there are two main types of surgeries usually performed for hair transplants which are FUT and FUE. Both techniques can be used depending upon the condition of the client’s hair. And both techniques are used by men and women. At Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai, we offer you the Best Hair Transplant Surgery with outstanding results.

Hair Transplant:

A hair relocation is a procedure where plastic or dermatological specialist moves hair to a bare region of the head. A less intrusive careful procedure includes moving individual hair follicles from the one piece of the body called the benefactor site, to the uncovered region called the beneficiary site. The giver site can be the side and back of the scalp on the grounds that these regions are not vulnerable to going bare. The reaped hair from the contributor region is called grafts that change in size contingent on the quantity of hair.

Which is the Best Type of Hair Transplant?

FUE is an extremely well-known medical procedure today and is liked by numerous patients. Rather than the traditional strategy of FUT, where a piece of skin is taken out to gather the unions, FUE joins are made straightforwardly from the scalp. The main consider picking the FUE method is that it makes no apparent imprints and gives regular-looking outcomes.

As the most vital phase in the FUE procedure, gatherings of 1-4 hair follicles, normally known as grafts, are physically eliminated individually and set in a capacity arrangement. Then, at that point, when the extraction stage is finished, the specialist opens the channels utilizing miniature edges. These channels opened by the specialist are the openings or cuts where the follicles are put. After the channels are opened, the specialist eliminates the unions from the arrangement and inserts them in the beneficiary region.


  • Since the follicles are collected in an irregular style, the look and thickness of the contributor region are negligibly impacted.
  • With no surgical tool or lines utilized in the treatment, the recuperation cycle after an FUE relocation is fast
  • FUE procedure utilizes neighborhood sedation to guarantee negligible inconvenience during the method.
  • this strategy collects and transfers hairs in their regular groupings, abandoning NO direct scar
  • Provides a natural look

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