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One of the key elements of successful parenthood and sexuality is taking care of the health and beauty of the breasts, which is something we assist women with doing. In our clinic, every mammalogy diagnostic procedure aims to identify illnesses and cancers of the mammary glands as early as possible.

Long-term data show that one of the most prevalent oncological illnesses in women is breast cancer. Only with the use of routine diagnostics and self-examination of breast tissue is it possible to find a tumor in its early stages. You can learn more about all of these changes in detail by using ultrasound to examine the local lymph nodes and mammary glands. So, do you want to know Where Can You Get a Breast Exam in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

What Are the Risk Factors of Breast Diseases?

Patients with a history of fibrocystic illness or hormonal imbalance should pay extra attention to how their mammary glands are doing. Additional risk factors include:

  • Early onset of the period
  • Advanced menopause
  • No Birth,
  • Having an Abortion
  • Smoking, Drinking,
  • A diabetes diagnosis,
  • High body mass index or obesity


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What Diseases Does a Mammalogist Diagnose?

Most adult females are concerned with mastopathy (diffuse fibrous) to some extent. The problems that it creates can be managed with prompt diagnosis, simple treatment, and adherence to the gynecologist’s advice.

Breast cysts: Depending on size, they can be punctured to halt them or observed dynamically with appropriate treatment and pose no harm (under ultrasound control right at the appointment). Cysts are only very infrequently surgically removed when they are complex or in danger of malignant development.

Fibroadenomas are benign tumors that are promptly, cosmetically, and without negative effects on one’s health or ability to lead an active life, removed in our clinic.


Where Can You Get a Breast Examine in Dubai & Abu Dhabi There is no need to get ready for a breast examination in Dubai. It is done during the first half of the menstrual cycle, between the sixth and twelfth day after the start of the first day of menstrual flow, in order to provide more information.

All women are advised to have breast ultrasounds and preventive mammograms at least once a year in order to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Women who experience mastopathy during menopause should have more preventative exams, up to three or four times a year.

Different Methods of Breast Examination:

Ultrasound Diagnostic of Breast Diseases:

One of the primary instrumental approaches for determining the health of the mammary glands in women under the age of 40, pregnant women, and nursing mothers is ultrasound.

Using this highly accurate study technique, you may differentiate between solid and cystic mammary gland growths, and identify fibrocystic mastopathy, cysts, abscesses, and milk stasis in lactating women. Doctors occasionally recommend an ultrasound of the mammary glands in addition to MRI and mammography to provide a clearer clinical picture and diagnosis.


Mammography, a non-invasive X-ray technique for inspecting mammary glands, is acknowledged in the medical community as the “gold standard” in the early detection of breast cancer. The study has the highest specificity, at over 92%, making it the most educational. Digital mammography is used at our clinic, which has a variety of benefits.

  • The capacity to visualize the mammary gland’s structures, which is not possible with analog mammography;
  • Using computer image processing and the ability to view it on a specialized high-resolution monitor, the diseased process in the mammary gland can be assessed more precisely;
  • A 40–50% reduction in the radiation dose.

Core Biopsy:

If MRI, mammography, and ultrasound tests indicate a high likelihood of breast cancer, a breast core biopsy is advised. A mammalogist inserts a needle while using ultrasound guidance after administering a local anesthetic to the intervention site and removing a tiny sample of the tumor for further examination. In this operation, ultrasound enables you to pinpoint the location of the formation and precisely position the needle. It is possible to identify the tumor’s kind (benign or malignant), stage of growth, and structure based on the findings of a core biopsy.

How Do You Know When to Get an Examination?

What signs and symptoms call for an appointment with a mammalogist? The most important factor to consider before meeting with a breast health expert is the time since your last checkup. You should see a doctor right away if you are concerned about pain or another discomfort. The following signs and symptoms should also not be disregarded:

  • The appearance of seals in certain breast regions;
  • Skin bulging and retractions;
  • Red nipple discharge;
  • The nipple’s shape is changing.

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