When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

The eruption of wisdom teeth is the final; they begin to show around age 16 or later. Because there isn’t much room left for them in the dentition, they frequently erupt when in excruciating agony. The most troublesome teeth are thought to be wisdom teeth because they frequently erupt wrongly, clash with other teeth, and harm the oral mucosa. Some experts suggest eliminating them as soon as they arise since they will cause a great deal of suffering in the future. What circumstances necessitate wisdom teeth extraction, if ever? When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Why are They Needed?

Wisdom teeth are a primordial trait that contemporary man acquired from his prehistoric predecessors. In the past, a person’s diet was different since it required them to chew tough raw meat, which required powerful jaws and teeth. Wisdom teeth ceased to be an essential component of the jaw when food started to be digested thermally and there was no longer a need to chew solid food.

He eighth tooth, which comes in last, cannot fit since the jaw has gotten smaller over time. For this reason, they frequently start out growing improperly: at an angle, sideways, or horizontally, they harm the roots of adjacent teeth all the way until their demise.

However, wisdom teeth can also serve a number of important functions. For example, because they are located in the corners of the jaw, they “hold” the jaw and fix adjacent teeth, preventing them from shifting and becoming loose. They can also serve as a support for a bridge prosthesis when teeth are restored.

So, When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The extraction of teeth should only be done when necessary, it follows from this. It is not necessary to extract a tooth if it emerges regularly, does not cause severe discomfort, or interferes with any other teeth.

Who Cannot Get the Removal Treatment?

Despite all the circumstances in which removing wisdom teeth is important, there are some conditions that should not be present. Keeping wisdom teeth in place is recommended if

  • pregnancy and lactation: delaying the intervention till later is preferable;
  • cardiovascular conditions that are decompensating;
  • a local anesthetic allergy response (general anesthetic for tooth extraction is still up for debate);
  • hypertensive emergency
  • the lack of additional chewing teeth: In this situation, the wisdom tooth is given chewing duties and may also serve as the foundation for a bridge.

What Are the Types of Treatment?

Depending on where in the jaw the tooth is located, the procedure to remove it might be straightforward or complicated. Prior to the procedure, the patient must have an x-ray taken; the doctor will then assess the image and the tooth’s health to determine whether extraction is necessary. The removal option and the required instruments are chosen based on the examination’s findings.

Simple Removal: The surgeon only needs forceps and an elevator for straight forward removal. The procedure does not entail drilling a hole through the gums and removing a piece of bone. The major circumstances that call for a straight forward wisdom teeth extraction are: It is on top (removal of the upper wisdom teeth is often simpler); The tooth grows regularly, without obvious deviations; There are no issues during teething.

Complicated Removal: Complicated removal is more painful and time-consuming, necessitates the use of many more devices, and entails administering powerful anesthetics. If a tooth develops horizontally or has not yet erupted, interferes with other teeth, or rests on the roots of those teeth, a complicated extraction must be done. In order to remove wisdom teeth, the surgeon often has to create a soft tissue incision, saw through the bone, and sew up the wound.

The Takeaway!

Now that you understand When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The wisdom teeth are likely the only non-functional teeth in the mouth. You should never ignore decay or infection since it might spread to the tooth next to it. To schedule a consultation with a dental professional about the price of wisdom teeth extraction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, fill out the consultation form below.