What types of breast implants are available in Dubai Cost

Everyone wants to seem as flawless as a TV celebrity, therefore cosmetic surgery is popular in this day and age. The same logic applies to their body’s size and shape. Your personality is significantly shaped by your breasts. With the proper size, you appear graceful and lovely. Simply said, this adds stunning attractiveness to your body. But the biggest hurdle that anyone can come across living in Dubai is What types of breast implants are available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. This is an urgent issue that requires immediate response. Another important question is or which surgery or implant should they select? Making an educated decision as soon as possible is necessary because it stays in your body for a long period. Continue reading to discover more about various varieties, their advantages, and disadvantages. You can find the ideal implant for you with the help of this article.


There are two types of Breast Implants in Dubai available. These are:

Saline Based:

These have saline water inside of them. This water is pure and sterile. It can be found within silicone shells. They are the best form of the round. They’ll make you appear more daring. So, you might pick a different variety if you prefer a more natural appearance. They are simple to remove and do not leave scars. This is the most secure option since even if they leak, the body is capable of absorbing and eliminating the saline water. They also require fewer incisions and have changeable volume. 

Silicone Based:

This kind is an option for those who like a more natural appearance. It is filled with silicone gel. They evoke the sensation of a natural appearance. If there is a leak, the gel could get within the pocket of the implant. Alternatively, it might stay still and not collapse. If you decide to have this treatment, you could require periodic MRI or ultrasound tests. Since this is FDA-approved, there is no need to be concerned. This type needs a bigger incision than the implant indicated before. Under the epidermis, they can also ripple or wrinkle. 

Safety Information:

You should be aware of a few things even though they are safe. This is not a piece of equipment that you can use forever. At some time throughout your life, you require a second procedure for removal. They might result in asymmetry or deflation. They might also leave a scar or cause pain where the incision was made.Now as you know What Types of Breast Implants are Available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah so it is easy for you to make a decision. Book a consultation and get to know more about the procedure.


The Cost of Breast Implants in Dubai may vary depending on the practitioners and may depend upon several factors. Also as this is a cosmetic procedure health insurance also does not cover it. 

How to Find The Right Surgeon?

You need a trained and experienced surgeon for the procedure. Always choose a board-certified and experienced practitioner for the procedure. Book your consultation with us to get the most amazing benefits. 

Customization and Considerations:

These two categories of Breast Implants in Dubai come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Consequently, the decision must be taken only after a full discussion with your doctor. You must select the particular type in accordance with your unique body type and needs. Always prefer to ask your surgeon’s advice before to the surgery. As a general guideline:

  • Saline implants for lesser complications
  • Silicone implants for natural appearance


  • Scheduling of an initial appointment with your surgeon
  • Discuss your unique wants and requirements with your surgeon.
  • He will advise you to stop taking certain medications again and to continue taking others. After receiving general anaesthesia from your surgeon, you’ll experience a profound sleep. Throughout the process, you won’t experience any pain.
  • At a specified location your surgeon will make an incision.
  • Insertion of an implant into the pocket.
  • Sealing with surgical taps, sutures, etc.


Dubai provides a variety of breast implant choices to accommodate various demands and tastes. The secret to a successful breast augmentation, whether you choose saline or silicone implants, is careful consideration, professional advice, and a qualified surgical team to help you get the results you want while prioritising your safety and well-being. Book your consultation at Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai to get the best professional advice right away. Call us now.