What To Know About Temporary Crowns in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Teeth are an important part of your body. Having aligned teeth is very important for your beautiful smile. People have misplaced teeth and they aim to have properly aligned teeth. Dentists use artificial crowns that mimic the original functioning of teeth. They are placed on teeth after implants or root canals. You must be thinking about What To Know About Temporary Crowns in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. You can pay a visit to our clinic and come to know about all the pros and cons. 

What is It?

It is the tooth-shaped sealing that protects the teeth from damage after implants. When the implant is done permanent crown takes some time to form so in that short time temporary crowns are used. They are more delicate and require a great deal of care while chewing or talking. It protects your teeth from further damage and restricts the entry of bacteria. They are used until the permanent crown is crafted and placed on the teeth.

Why Do You Need it?

People need temporary crowns after dental implants until the permanent crown is not crafted. As a permanent crown needs time to get ready your dentist places a temporary crown to keep your teeth in place. They will mimic the function of natural teeth and helps in grinding purposes. It is placed over the implant or root canal on a single tooth or multiple teeth. Moreover, they will protect the teeth from external damage caused due to many factors. The main use of this crown is

  • It is used to protect the gum and teeth where the implant is done. 
  • It gives potential to your smile and keeps your teeth aligned. 
  • Reduces the tingling and sensitivity in gums and teeth.
  • Prevents the spacing between teeth.
  • Assist you in chewing and eating food.
  • It gives the idea to dentists and patients about the working of crowns.  


What To Know About Temporary Crowns Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best What To Know About Temporary Crowns in Dubai What To Know About Temporary Crowns in Dubai

How Long Will You Have to Insert Them?

Mostly it depends upon the extent of dental treatment done. If you are done with a root canal and the permanent crown is to be placed. The crown stays on the teeth until the permanent crown is not formed. In most cases, you can expect to place it for about two to four weeks for alignment and protection of teeth. 

Is it Difficult to Eat With It?

It is made up of temporary cement that is glued to your gum. The crown is made in such a way that it mimics the function of the original teeth. Although they are not permanent and are not properly stuck to the gum. So you need to take care while eating. It is better to eat hard and chewy food such as almonds, corn, crunchy fruits, vegetables, and chewy things. You should take care of your crown because a slight crack in it can cause permanent damage to tooth enamel. 


This crown is more delicate as compared to permanent ones. You need to wear it with care and precautions. Your healthcare provider will give you some instructions such as

  • Do not chew hard objects such as corn and try to keep your crown in place.
  • Brush your teeth gently in a soft manner.
  • Use a soft bristle brush and brush your teeth in up and down motion. 
  • Do not touch the crown as it may fall out. 
  • Make sure to see the dentist if your crown becomes loose.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Rinse your mouth daily with saline water to keep your mouth clean.  
  • Make sure that you keep your oral health good. 


Temporary crowns carry manifold advantages for maintaining your oral health. Some of the benefits are discussed below

  • It keeps the teeth in alignment and prevents gaping in teeth. 
  • It saves our teeth from infections and the entry of bacteria.
  • It guards against the swelling of gums and pain in teeth.
  • It maintains the space in teeth and does not allow misalignment.
  • It is easy to chew food without any fear of falling crown. 
  • Your dentist will examine how the permanent crown will work. 

Can it Fall Out?

They are fully functional and perform the teeth functions in the best way. It can not fall out while eating so you do not have to worry. Though it is not as tough as permanent they are reliable and do not come from your teeth. 

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