What to Expect From a Psychosexual Therapist in Dubai Price & Cost

Intimate relationships play a major role in one’s life.  A minor problem in this journey can lead to serious complications affecting both the well-being and physical relationships of a person. Psychosexual therapists provide a gateway for understanding and transforming these complexities. If you are suffering from unwanted sexual conditions then read on and explore our optimal guide on What to Expect From a Psychosexual Therapist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Who is a Psychosexual Therapist?

Psychosexual therapists in Dubai are trained practitioners who assist individuals and couples in dealing with sexual and intimate relationship issues. These professionals use their psychological and sexual health knowledge to handle a variety of difficulties, including sexual dysfunction, communication hurdles, and emotional elements of intimacy. Their focus goes beyond physical health to include emotional well-being in a secure and confidential setting.

Psychosexual therapists frequently use different therapy strategies, education, and open discussion to help clients overcome obstacles and have more satisfied and fulfilled sexual lives. These therapists use goal-oriented sessions and tailored techniques to help people improve their sexual health, establish relationships, and develop a good sense of self.

Psychosexual Sex Therapy: 

Sex therapy is a type of counseling or psychotherapy that addresses and resolves issues regarding sexual function, intimacy, and relationships. These sessions offer couples a secure and confidential environment to discuss and explore their sexual issues, wants, and aspirations. Sex therapy addresses a wide range of issues, including erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low libido, sexual trauma, communication challenges, and relationship problems. Sex therapy uses open communication, education, and therapeutic strategies to increase sexual satisfaction, closeness, and total sexual well-being.

What to look for in a  Psychosexual Therapist?

  • Ensure the therapist is properly trained in this field.
  • Check if they have worked with individuals having the same issues as you.
  • Choose the therapist with specialization in your concerns.
  • Ensure that your therapist keeps your information private.
  • Look for positive client reviews and feedback for optimal improvement.

What to Expect From a Psychosexual Therapist?

The Psychosexual therapy in Dubai assists individuals through the following approaches:


  • The therapist starts your assistance with an initial consultation in which they understand the goals of the individual or couple. 
  • They provide a safe area for clients to express their sexuality-related feelings, ideas, and experiences.
  • Establishing a nonjudgemental environment is a fundamental aspect of this therapy.

Problem Identification:

  • Therapists assist their clients in recognizing thought patterns, concerns, or tendencies that can impact their sexual health.
  • They eliminate misconceptions and encourage a better-educated viewpoint by providing facts on sexual functioning.


  • To increase overall contentment or to improve communication, therapists, and clients work together to develop particular goals for treatment. 

Techniques and Exercises:

  • To address certain concerns, therapists may propose therapeutic activities and procedures.
  • These activities could focus on intimacy-promoting communication techniques and exercises to raise awareness.

Couple Therapy:

  • Psychosexual therapists frequently arrange combined sessions with couples to address common difficulties and enhance the general dynamics of the relationship. 

Progress Monitoring:

  • Throughout the entire procedure, our express provides emotional support to the patients, and maintenance meetings are held accordingly. 
  • They assist their clients in these meetings and modify their treatment accordingly.

Benefits of this therapy:

  • Encourages open communication so that emotions and desires may be properly expressed.
  • Addresses the underlying difficulties for a deep emotional and physical connection.
  • Uses focused therapies to treat sexual dysfunctions such as ED and low libido.
  • Promotes confidence in one’s sexual identity while lowering anxiety and insecurities.
  • Couples therapy fosters trust, understanding, and collaboration, resulting in a strong connection.
  • Assists in navigating large life changes, resulting in smoother transitions.
  • Explores and overcomes emotional impediments or trauma to promote recovery.
  • Provides significant insights on sexual health, anatomy, and relationship dynamics.
  • Sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual or couple, resulting in effective, individualized treatments.
  • Resolving sexual difficulties and enhancing closeness helps to reduce overall stress.

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