What To Expect After Having Breast Augmentation in Dubai Cost

Getting Breast Augmentation In Dubai is a big decision, and it can bring exciting changes to your appearance and confidence. After the surgery, it’s important to know what comes next. Our guide, What To Expect After Having Breast Augmentation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will walk you through the benefits of the process. First, let’s explore the different options available for this purpose to help you choose your transitioning transformation.

What Is The Treatment?

This surgical procedure is commonly undertaken for aesthetic reasons. The primary goal is to enhance the shape and contour of your breasts. Additionally, suitable candidates may also opt for augmentation to increase the size or add volume to their undesired sagging due to pregnancy or aging. Furthermore, this medically endorsed method offers a proven approach to tailor changes based on the specific requirements and preferences of the client.

How Does It Work?

It can be done through different methods such as;

  • Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer: It is a relatively quick procedure lasting only about an hour and a half. It offers a less invasive alternative to traditional implant surgery. One notable advantage is the absence of intense incisions, contributing to a potentially faster patient recovery process. This process involves three straightforward steps. Firstly, local anesthesia is administered to the area where the fat will be extracted. Subsequently, using the liposuction technique, surgeons carefully suction out fat from the donor site using vacuum tubes, preparing it for the next phase. Lastly, the extracted fat is carefully injected into the targeted area, allowing for natural-looking enhancement without synthetic implants.
  • Breast Augmentation With Implants: It is a more complex procedure that generally takes 2-3 hours and often requires an overnight stay for the patient’s recovery. The multi-step process involves precision and attention to detail. The surgery initiates with anesthesia to numb the targeted area and alleviate pain. Following this, a strategic incision is made after numbing, with various options such as Inframammary, peri-areolar, Trans-axillary, or Transumbilical, depending on the doctor’s preference and the patient’s anatomy. The incision allows for the creation of a pocket that fits the breast implants. These are then carefully placed either under the pectoral muscle, above it, or directly behind the breast tissue, considering factors such as desired outcome and body. Finally, the surgical team closes the incisions using stitches, skin, or surgical tape, which ensures a secure and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Potential Benefits:

There are numerous advantages of this operation. Some of them are given below;

  • This healing period is quite short as compared to conventional options.
  • Additionally, the scar formations will also heal and disappear effortlessly.
  • You will experience self-confidence and improved physical appearance. 
  • It can help create a more balanced and proportionate figure, addressing concerns related to asymmetry or underdevelopment of your boobs.
  • It assists in achieving a fuller bust, allowing for a more varied selection of clothing options for you.
  • You will be able to easily carry any style of clothing with greater confidence.
  • This can be a component of breast reconstruction for individuals who have undergone a mastectomy due to cancer.
  • This method is famous for permanently helping restore lost volume and enhance the overall shape of the breasts.
  • It acts as a long-lasting solution to address the congenital defects. 
  • Lastly, it contributes to your self-esteem and positive impact on your mental health as well. You are feeling happy in your body and getting lots of compliments too.

Expectations Afterward:

  • We will provide you with guidance for a swift recovery and arrange follow-up appointments until your complete recuperation. 
  • The removal of drainage tubes connected to your breasts is typically scheduled around three days post-surgery.
  • Following the procedure, you will be supplied with post-surgical garments, including an elastic or surgical bra, to facilitate a lift. 
  • To safeguard against infection, prescribed ointments, medications, or antibiotics may be recommended. However, everyone’s experience is different, and factors like the type of technique and how your body heals can affect the outcome. 
  • It is significant to have realistic expectations, follow the doctor’s instructions for recovery, and attend follow-up appointments for the best results.

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