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Intimacy is an essential part of our overall well-being and social relationships. But for many women, the path to intimacy might be paved with a lot of challenges. The female sex encounters emotional, psychological, and interpersonal difficulties in addition to physical ones. Female Sexual Dysfunction In Dubai aims to provide assistance and knowledge to those who need it, by offering understanding, insight, and guidance. If you’re curious to know about What Is The Most Common Female Sexual Dysfunction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Read on to learn more.

What Is FSD?

It is a medical term used to describe various difficulties or challenges that women may experience in their sexual lives, leading to distress or a diminished quality of life. These can manifest in different ways and affect various aspects of sexual function.

How Does It Occur?

Understanding the potential causes is significant for effective diagnosis and treatment. Several factors can lead to this including hormonal imbalances, illnesses like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, medications like antidepressants, mental factors like anxiety and past trauma, relationship complications, unhealthy lifestyle choices, age-related changes, cultural and societal influences, trauma in the past, and neurological standpoints.

Which Types Are Most Common?

Below are some of the disorders associated with it;

  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD):

This is a persistent or recurrent absence of sexual interest or desire that causes personal distress. Those who suffer from it may show little to no interest in having sex, and this lack negatively affects their intimate lives and general quality of life.

  • Female Arousal: 

The main characteristic of this condition is difficulty reaching or sustaining arousal of senes, which leads to a decline in response to any intimate stimuli. Vaginal dryness and lack of genital feeling are two physical symptoms of arousal issues experienced.

  • Female Orgasmic:

Even with sufficient excitement, women with this dysfunction have trouble experiencing orgasms. Interpersonal difficulties, irritation, and unhappiness can result from this.

  • Genito-Pelvic Pain:

Also referred to as penetration disorder. This group includes diseases like dyspareunia, which causes pain during intimacy, and vaginismus, which causes uncontrollable muscular spasms.

  • Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder Associated With A Medical Condition:

These problems associated with particular medical diseases, drugs, or physiological changes fall under this category. It admits that a range of medical conditions can affect a person’s ability to conceive.

What Are The Recommendations?

To address this, your healthcare provider will advise you to use these techniques;

  • You should talk openly with your significant other, expressing preferences for greater intimacy.
  • Try to adopt a positive lifestyle by limiting alcohol, staying physically active, and managing stress.
  • Explore counseling through a specialist about sex and relationship-related issues to optimize reaction and enhance intimacy.
  • You can also use a lubricant for your vagina if you are experiencing pain or dryness during intercourse. 
  • Vibrators are also a way to enhance arousal through clitoral stimulation.

What Are Plans for Treatment?

Given below are the therapies to cure this ordeal;

  • Estrogen Therapy:

Localized estrogen therapy boosts sexual performance by enhancing vaginal tone, flexibility, blood flow, and lubrication. It can be applied as a vaginal ring, cream, or pill.

  • O-Shot (Orgasm Shot):

Injections containing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) at particular regions in the female reproductive organ increase the sense of pleasure and libido.

  • Bremelanotide:

it is a self-administered injectable that is FDA-approved for the decrease in sexual desire in premenopausal women before intimate activity. 

  • Psychotherapy: 

It uses clinical techniques to treat psychological issues that lead to female sexual dysfunction.

  • Ospemifene:

For females with vulvovaginal atrophy, it is a kind of selective estrogen receptor modulator, that eliminates pain during intercourse.

  • Flibanserin:

It is used to help cure premenopausal females who have reduced sexual drive. It’s a daily medication that increases libido.

  • Botox Infusions For Vaginismus:

In this situation, the pelvic floor muscles are addressed and relaxed with injections.

  • Vaginal Laser Treatment:

This treats the physical causes of women’s sexual dysfunction.

Potential Benefits:

Following are the advantages that you can have by resolving this issue;

  • You will experience escalated sexual delight and satisfaction which improves overall quality of life.
  • The communication, and emotional bonding between partners can all be enhanced by addressing this issue and targeting a stronger partnership.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem will be enhanced.
  • It reduces tension and anxiety and upgrades mental health in general.
  • You see how better your mental and emotional wellness is.
  • Treating underlying illnesses that are the reason for the problem can help with general physical well-being.
  • It is known that increased overall relationship happiness is frequently correlated with greater intimacy, resulting in a more satisfying and happy union.

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