What Is the Difference Between PRP Hair & PRP Knee in Dubai Cost

PRP Treatment In Dubai is becoming popular with each passing day due to its organic way of regrowth and wide range of uses. Its applications vary from injuries, and skin rejuvenation to hair regrowth. Research has proven that it can also help alleviate distress and rigidity. Below is a detailed blog on What Is The Difference B/W PRP Hair & PRP Knee in Dubai & Abu Dhabi– for a comprehensive overview of how it works in general.

Aim Of This Therapeutics:

This is a medical procedure that is also applicable for cosmetic purposes. This therapy dates back to the 1980s when an individual’s blood cells were employed to address a particular region.  It is mainly composed of clotting cells and serum. The thrombocytes have their part in the healing functions of the body. They contain proteins that play a role in cell repair and revitalizing the tissues. Therefore, expediting the recovery process or achieving your desired outcomes with its natural approach typically requires an average of three sessions.

Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment For Hair:

This is the most effective method to stimulate regrowth after a few sessions. It improves blood circulation, ensuring a heightened delivery of nutrients to the hair shaft. Leading to enhanced hair texture and increased thickness. Being a non-incisory method, no recovery time is required, making it appropriate for addressing concerns related to hair transplant. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory properties are the best solution to baldness.

PRP For Knees:

The low regenerative ability of the knee cartilage makes this procedure the best way to reduce pain in the knee joint. As there is no cure for degenerative cartilage. These injections have the potential to delay the need for surgical intervention. Furthermore, the whole procedure can be done within a brief half-hour timeframe. 

What Are The Steps Involved In The Process?

This comprises a three-step approach, with detailed explanations provided below:

  • For the initial step, a sample of blood is taken from your arm.
  • A high-speed centrifuge machine rotates, segregating blood components based on their densities through centrifugation.
  • Erythrocytes, having higher densities sink at the bottom, leukocytes and clotting cells having lower densities settle in the middle layer while plasma with the lowest density settles at the top layer.
  • The stratum harboring the most concentrated platelets and mitogenic factors is separated, resulting in the final product.
  • This fluid is then administrated into the patient’s body to expedite the healing process. 


Below are some advantages of choosing the treatment; 

  • They accelerate the growth by activating dormant hair roots.
  • Improved tress texture will give you improved hair aesthetics. Ultimately, it will boost your confidence. 
  • It is a sustainable option for hair health with continuous maintenance sessions easily approachable for follow-ups. 
  • It is a highly customizable plan and can address specific areas experiencing hair loss. Making it a flexible treatment for all.
  • Your physical function and mobility will improve significantly. Furthermore, along with protecting the knee cartilage it also slows down its degeneration. 
  • By activating stem cells in the knee area, it stimulates tissue repairment. 
  • These injections can enhance the production of synovial fluid which contributes to enhanced lubrication of the joints. Freeing you from painful discomfort in the legs.

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