What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Sensitive Skin in Dubai Cost

Hair growth is a natural process of our body. These hairs grow on many areas of the body, such as arms, legs, and many other body parts.  Unwanted hair gives your skin an unpleasant look and it should get removed. There are a variety of methods that help you to get rid of unwanted body hair such as razors, wax threads, and many other cosmetic procedures. The results of all treatments vary depending on the skin type.

Waxes and razors take more time to remove and have short-lived results. On the other hand, laser treatments for hair removal show long-lasting and effective results. Some people have sensitive skin and they want to know What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Sensitive Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? They can visit their healthcare provider to get to know about different procedures. You can get rid of unwanted body hairs by many various procedures.

Different Options for Hair Removal:

There is an ocean of procedures for removing all unwanted body hairs. Some procedures are painful with permanent results. On the other hand, some offer less pain and are not permanent. The procedures that aim to remove all the hair and make the skin clean are as follows

  • Laser Hair Removal:

Laser Hair Removal is the best procedure to remove hairs from sensitive skin without any cuts or incisions. A pulsed laser beam is directed onto the skin. This beam targets the hair follicle and breaks down the pigment in the skin. Your skin will heat up and you may feel a feeling of pinching and irritation. This restricts the growth of hair and damages the hair follicle underneath the skin.

  • Shaving and Threading:

It is the most common and old method of hair removal. Shaving is done mostly by males with the help of razors. It removes the hair temporarily without causing any damage to the hair follicles. This method is more time and energy-consuming and can be done in only free time.

Threading is a technique that pulls the hairs from roots by using a thread. It involves less pain and does not need any device or physician.

  • Epilation:

This is a similar process to waxing, which involves the extraction of hair from the roots. It is done by holding an epilator in the hand, which extracts hair from deep under the skin. 

  • Sugaring:

The other name for sugaring is waxing.  Wax is a thick viscous substance that helps to remove body hair. We can make wax naturally at home by using skin-friendly ingredients. You may feel pain when there is plugging of hair out from the follicles, but that lasts for only some time. This method is also temporary and hair regrowth after 2-3 weeks. 

  • Electrolysis:

It is a permanent technique for hair removal. In this method, small electric pulses of current are used to get rid of excessive unwanted hair. There are mo0des of electrolysis that involve much agony and anxiety. This procedure has a high risk of serious side effects and has a potential impact on the skin. 

  • Hair Removal Creams:

Some creams remove hairs from many areas of the body. There is no pain at all and you can remove all the undesired hairs. You have to apply creams and left them for some time. All the hair will get flexible and easily removed.

Which Method is the Best for Sensitive Skin?

All the procedures are effective in their own way depending on the skin type. For sensitive skin, lasers are the most recommended treatment option. It involves no cuts or incisions and gives permanent results. The effectiveness of every treatment varies and depends on the skin type and texture.

Why Choose Us?

Remove all unwanted hair by opting for a method that suits your skin. We at Enfield Royal Laser Treatments Clinic in Dubai offer many methods for hair removal. Our well-qualified doctor tries their best to give desired results. You can get procedures at the most affordable prices in a comfortable environment. If you aim to remove unwanted hair, then know What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Sensitive Skin in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?